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Info di bawah ini berkaitan dengan pesan Sukkie pada tanggal 8 Mei. Sears mendapatkan info ini dari soompi, diposting oleh daily_tofu.

Sedikit penjelasan kenapa Sukkie begitu emosional pada hari itu...


One of the rep gave me an insight to why Jang Keun Suk was feeling down on the day he wrote his latest message.

According to her, he has been tortured by the malicious comments online by the anti fans (which is why he asked us to write positive comments on the news, this has been relayed by Muse too).

She also said that basically he has free spirit. Even though he is an actor, he wasn't the top class before the YAB. He took subway holding his girl friend's hand during the date. That means he wasn't aware of the way other people are looking at him. But thing's changed! He became very famous, so the paparazzi are chasing after him now.

Actually he enjoys people's attention. Whenever my friend saw him, he really wants to communicate with eels, and joke around. ^^ But he doesn't like the malicious comments. And he's so handsome, other Korean men don't like him. Usually he will let it just pass by, but yesterday he might not be a good mood. So he could be sentimental and a little depressed.

I asked her what is the overall tone of the message, because sometimes the mood is lost in the translation, you know.. she said it's like a little boy who rattle to the old sister that he was hit by someone kekeke...So don't be sad. He will be fine, ^^.


Sears : Anti-fans are resurfacing again which means that Jang Keun Suk is getting more and more popular each day. I remember that he shut down his cyworld in 2008 or 2009 because of this antis too.

Taken from lovesears @ blogspot

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  1. Sukkie oppa!!! Fighting!!

    We will always support u! No matter how much are the anti fans out there! ^o^