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Lounge H Fan Account

Translations for Lounge H fan account on 18/05/10
by Xene @ soompi

Fan Account 1
First, I confess that I’m not really a fan~
I just want to describe the feeling of close contact with Jang Keun Suk that I experienced today~
1. He’s really too thin too thin, really too good-looking, really really, everyone would be star-struck by him.
2. His personality is very very fine, when my friend asked for his autograph, he declined politely, actually taking photos were not allowed , but but, you say, who could resist? When we were caught taking photos by him, he did not look annoyed, he just gestured ‘cannot’ with his hands, his personality was super good.
3. Does this guy frequently go to clubs? His DJ and dancing is really good, I didn’t expect a body so small could emit such energy! Haha, he caused the mood to heat up immediately, and was whooping, particularly cute I would say, but today he was really really high.
4. Then he went down and danced with everyone (he was originally dancing at the DJ podium), and people begin to approach him, gluing themselves to him, he did not get angry, everyone just danced and high together.
5. He even went out to the rain and danced, one fan followed him and danced in the rain too.
Well, I feel that if you are in Korea, you must come and have a look. Even a non-fan like me was excited. He danced elatedly, and gave me a feeling that he goes to clubs frequently, haha. And actually today he did not look like a star at all, no arrogance. There were some electrical equipment that broke down and he went to repair them, I was curious and felt strange about this, because other people did not know how to repair, whenever the electrical equipment broke down it was Jang Keun Suk who went to repair them.
Today Seoul was raining. The venue was made up of tents. Once he just went out to the rain and danced by himself. Today’s activity is just like a club, and a group of student staff, all guys, everyone danced together.
Right, taking photos was not allowed.
No, I’m from a neighbouring university, I did not get to go to the Beijing fan-meeting but coming here is way better. Most of the people there were girls la, haha. But when the Koreans here see him they were not excited, in fact few were excited, maybe its because they see him in school frequently, I also don’t know.
He went off at 9 something, and then we also went home, its going on for 3 days anyway. Er, I don’t know about the acoustics. Have! There were bold girls that glued to him and danced, they were not really hot, haha.
I saw it, at the DJ podium, (he) drank a glass of beer.
I think his mood was not bad, laughing all along, very good-looking, particularly cute.
Yes yes, that (Lounge H) T-shirt, black pants, very thin.
He was really exceptionally beautiful, causing a non-fan like me to captivated, I really don’t want to go home, haha. What do you think, how would I know whether he went home already or not, haha. Anyway when he went off in his car I went home too. The number of Koreans themselves who dance well are many. It was a special club anyway. I was longing to record (video-tape) him for you to see!!!
He was also selling tickets at the entrance, and selling food. A girl went to him to order drinks, he gave her her drink and asked someone to find the balance, but the girl said keep the change. By the way, when there was no more liquor left, Jang Keun Suk himself went to carry more boxes of liquor. A body so small, carrying a box so big, aigoo.

Fan Account 1
Just spend 5000 won to enter, at the venue you can use your ticket to exchange for a drink (But I kept mine as a keepsake (^o^)/~ ), you can also order snacks to eat, just like a club, very nice, eels that can go must not miss this~
Before this when I reached the venue I tried calling Xiao Xi (xene: Xiao Xi is her friend) but no one answered, when I found her, sure enough she was absorbed in video-taping Jang Keun Suk who was downstairs engrossed in decorating the venue, I haven’t seen him for one month, he has really slimmed down a lot……
However that face, is still as charming as ever…… skinny jeans + Lounge H t-shirt + shiny studded high canvas shoes, actor Jang you are in style! One thing that made me really happy was that he tied up his hair, hiahia~ my favourite ‘apple’ hairstyle~ my favourite shiny forehead~
I saw him at the venue earnestly covering each table with a black-coloured table cloth, once in a while he would come out and cause a stir outside. (xene: the party has not started yet, they were waiting outside)~ Ah, yes, when I reached the venue, 幸福 (xene: 幸福 is another friend of hers) pointed out to me Jang Keun Suk’s SUV, the SUV was really smart/handsome. After I looked at the SUV with adoring eyes, I lifted up my head and saw Keunsama/Manager Kim, he was wearing a white-coloured raincoat and the raincoat did not decrease the manliness in him at all, Keunsama you are very handsome! After that in the venue/tent he took off his raincoat, he was once again in a business suit, he passed by us countless times, and proved his handsomeness countless times……
While I was chatting with 幸福 and Xiao Xi, I met another friend – a Korean noona which I met at Baeksang recognized me, we then chatted elatedly, the noona said she could not get a ticket because they require you to show your student card = = (They have to loosen this policy ah, because a lot of eels do not have (university) student card so they gave up their intention to play at Lounge H), so I went to buy 2 tickets after noona’s pleading, I didn’t even need to show my student card when I bought them, tomorrow noona will go and play again.
We queued, then went in, the day was still early (xene: she reached there at 5:30), so we found a table in the venue and sat there chatting~ Noona went for a walk, and walked to the food and drinks section…… and ordered liquor and snacks for us, noona kept on saying that she earns a lot so the whole night she kept treating us, saying that Lounge H’s profits will be donated to Hanyang University Hospital, it’s a good thing , so she is supporting Jang Keun Suk and at the same time doing good~ As a result I also forgot that I was dieting, and drank 3 glasses of beer, and ate a lot of fried chicken……
As the day grew darker, Jang Keun Suk was still walking around in the venue, I reckon that some of the decorations are not in place yet, after all this is the first day of Lounge H~ So I and noona went to the front of the DJ podium to dance first~ We drank beer and danced wildly at the same time, because this is club ah~
Jang Keun Suk did not let us wait for long, quickly he and DJ Big Brother ascended the DJ platform, and the dance floor below was immediately filled with people~ Popularity ah~ Jang Keun Suk’s opening speech: “Annyeonghaseyo, I’m Jang Keun Suk who is currently majoring in Hanyang University 2006 Theater and Film! (Cheering) Thank you very much for braving the rain to come to Hanyang University’s Lounge H! Initially I wanted to perform more tasks today, but I did not dare to come out and do them myself, why? Because I’m scared of all sorts of personal photos being taken and uploaded on the internet…… So I ask that everyone stop taking photos and videos and just simply enjoy tonight OK?!” The people below enthusiastically agreed, Jang Keun Suk introduced Big Brother again, and the night of Lounge H starts officially~
I was standing/dancing at the front row, left side of the DJ podium, next to the speaker …… Yes I was high/elated, but I felt surreally awake while looking at Jang Keun Suk who was leading the crowd~ I was very near, (to him), but later on I was even nearer~ haha~ Why does my title (baidu thread title) contain 1,2,3,4? Because of a dance that was led by Jang Keun Suk, and he kept saying “one two three four” ah~~~

(xene: I skipped this part coz I don’t know how to describe Jang Keun Suk’s dance moves, basically she is describing the dance moves)
我右手拿着啤酒瓶, 左手塞住左耳朵,开开心心地笑着看台上的张演员~虽然没怎么high地舞动有点点不和风景哈~不过根据我上半场的观察,张演员上半场的舞蹈类型总结如下:

1, 疯狂嘻哈猴:四肢大开大合,跳来跳去~手举高的同时,膝盖成90度直角往上提,大家试试看吧~要跟着DJ舞曲的鼓点节奏哦~

2,双手举宝 塔:双手摊开,掌心向上,随着鼓点节奏的渐强越举越高,这个他通常是给我们看一个销魂的背影配套做的;

3,1,2,3,4舞:这个很考功 夫,因为张演员总是在鼓点重重落下前的那个安静的拍子开始用手指数1,2,3,4,4一结束立刻手往下压就是踩到鼓点“嘣”一声响起的节奏;

4, 给我欢呼声:这个就是他把手放到耳朵旁边而已喇,好吧,我总结不出来了~~~~(>_<)~~~~ Jang Keun Suk and Big Brother worked together, and played and caused the happy mood to climax many times, for example he lets Big Brother to tone down the music, then holding the mike he shouts: “嗷呜~~~~~~~~~~” (xene: sounds like “ao wu”) and then the drum beat falls heavily, extremely fun~ He also led everyone shouting “Oh Oh” (second tone in Chinese) “Oh Oh”, extremely high and elated~ Anyway if you guys went clubbing before, the way a DJ carries the mood, tonight Jang Keun Suk did all of it~ Handled it very well~ I stood next to the acoustics gazing at Jang Keun Suk jumping and dancing, really really loving him~ At first when he went on stage he wore a baseball cap, after dancing a few steps, I think its because it was warm, he actually took off his cap on stage, and ruffled his hair, that gesture……ah ah ah~~~so cute~~~~ After revealing his forehead that I love, he continued dancing, and I continued gazing at his gorgeous face, the lights would occasionally shine on his face, he was so high until his whole face was sweaty~ But his face still shine and glow as ever, he’s really too handsome~~~ Stationed at the DJ podium was not high/elated enough for Jang Keun Suk, he came down from the podium and vanished for awhile, then he actually went to the dance floor and danced away~ leading a bunch of people to surround him and dance, the lights just/only shone on him, very good-looking~ He even ran out to the open where it was raining and danced elatedly, everyone was clever enough to stand under the roof looking at him and a few Lounge H staff dancing~ haha~ But a drenched Jang Keun Suk is really attractive~ His hair in a mess, face blushing~ After playing for more than an hour the first half of the party ended, Jang Keun Suk informed everyone that after break it would be more exciting, everyone then went back to their tables to replenish their energy~ I dragged another friend with me, planning to go to the washroom located in the building which was connected to the party’s venue, and coincidently met Jang Keun Suk at the entrance, I don’t know whether he knew that I was a fan of him or not, because initially he was smiling but immediately his face turned grim when he saw us, o(╯□╰)o, Jang Keun Suk, I know you are very professional~ To my surprise, behind Jang Keun Suk was Mummy Jang, certainly behind every successful man is a successful women ah~ After Mummy Jang passed by us, Keunsama came in walking towards us, sure enough behind every successful man is a considerate man ah! When we walked back towards the venue after using the washroom, Jang Keun Suk was there blocking the exit, I just silently waited behind him, Jang Keun Suk’s tallest manager beside him had to nudge him to move away to allow us to go through~ He turned around and glanced at us, I was playing with my friend’s cellphone then, very calmly my eyes met with his for two seconds, then I returned my attention to the cellphone and walked out, O(∩_∩)O, haha~ After returning, the second half of the party started la~ At first Jang Keun Suk was no where to be seen, nevertheless I and noona went to the dance floor and was absorbed in dancing, only when Jang Keun Suk is not around then we could focus on dancing ah~ Then we felt tired and planned to go back to our tables to rest, subsequently Jang Keun Suk appeared~ He came from the staircase located one level below our venue, once again everyone surrounded him and started dancing~ Of course Jang Keun Suk was leading everyone to high la~ The second half of the party had these dance moves: (xene: haha (sleep.gif‘’’), can someone translate these too (and the one on top)? More dance moves and some Jang Keun Suk action)
1, 光之舞:灯光调暗,张演员手里拿着手机,手部动作非常快地舞动~之前是工作人员把发光体拿给他,结果他没跳两下发光体就甩到了地上,害我还以为是不是荧光 棒啊,怎么那么不爱惜……结果那家伙居然又跑去捡了回来,果然是手机……为什么会甩掉呢?我是不会觉得他带着我们high的时候喝的那几支轻酒精可乐能让 他蒙掉哈~虽然他一开场就大吼了一声让我们多喝酒~

2,与女共舞:工作人员随机牵几个前排的女生到楼梯的中段配张演员high就是啦~完 全就是搞笑的,一点都不火辣~更搞笑的是中间居然有一个请上去的是一个老外男生~还特意让那位老外从楼梯上走下来,笑死~

3,乱舞:那家 伙和一堆熟识的工作人员乱飙舞就对了,popin有,locking也有~不过果然,都是只有短短几段啊,主打还是上半场总结出来的那几个舞种~哈哈~

4, 泼水舞:大概他也知道自己湿身的样子很诱人哈~自己举起了大矿泉水瓶子就往脸上倒,有够帅~但是旁边的小心男居然也被他倒水了~因为人家不回应他的邀舞, 他就这样对人家,哎一古~

Then there was another break and Jang Keun Suk held a lucky draw~ During the break the staff had written serial numbers on our wrists, then Jang Keun Suk would shout out two numbers between 1 to 200 and give out two Yepp MP3 players~ He is really competent at his job as a spokesperson, CF companies have to find our Jang Keun Suk oh~~~ Before the lucky draw he even said that tomorrow he would give out 3 MP3 players, inviting us to come again tomorrow~ That sly tempting fox~ O(∩_∩)O haha~
He called out no.87 first, but no.87 had left the venue earlier~ Next he called out no.8, it was a girl~ And she was a student of Sookmyung Women’s University, really funny~ All the Hanyang students below jeered (xene: in a nice way I suppose)~ Even Jang Keun Suk said “Wow”, are you kidding, Sookmyung’s students coming to Hanyang, haha~ After giving her the MP3 player he even hugged her, and voices of envy were heard below, “waa waa”~ After that Jang Keun Suk called no.101, the winner was also a girl, when she went up Jang Keun Suk jokingly asked her, are you a university student? and everyone laughed, I think that no.101 is a Korean eel~ she talked to him for awhile, then Jang Keun Suk laughed and said, “Anyway, you did come here as a university student~”, he gave out the MP3 player and also hugged her and that was the end of the lucky draw~ My sad no.131 is still on my wrist~
After that much ‘high-ing’ I thought that it would end soon, out of the blue Jang Keun Suk once again ran out of the tent to the open and danced~ he even climbed up onto a wooden table and another staff climbed up another table and both of them started dancing~ I was standing next to the staff’s table gazing at Jang Keun Suk and it was really fun~ In the middle some staff even sent a girl up to Jang Keun Suk’s table to dance with him, but the table was too small for two people so she danced for awhile and came down~ Jang Keun Suk himself invited a guy to come up and dance with him, and even put on sunglasses playfully, ‘Sunglasses Jang’ is also handsome~ Then the guy snatched the sunglasses from him and put them on, Jang Keun Suk was dazed for a moment but recovered himself and laughed while he sent the guy down the table, I reckon that the guy was Jang Keun Suk’s junior because he bowed to him before he left~
Jang Keun Suk then climbed up to the table right beside me…… o(╯□╰)o……he was so near that I could see his thin legs clearly…… I cry /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ I want him~
Jang Keun Suk dancing wildly was very handsome~ just like a little elf. I could clearly see his leopard print underwear and his waist which was really slim and white when they were exposed occasionally.

Writing until here, I think my Lounge H experience are all written down~ I don’t know whether Jang Keun Suk would come up with new ideas tomorrow, Lounge H was very fun~ those who can go, GO~!

(Shiro : Hiks... why didn't I go? T.T)

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