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[Translated] Jang Keun Suk Message (30-09-2010)

Title: Hey Everybody

I want to go to Taiwan

Want to know what time is my flight?

Not going to tell you...

But I'm not going to get up from the bed before I really have to leave... hahaha

Ahh... something popped up in my mind

Is it true that there's only one flight to Taiwan per day?

Or are there two?

Ah, don't know cri

Taiwan... it's been so long

I want to go and meet the Taiwan eels!!!

this is also my first time leaving message here

so feel a little awkward

but how many eels in here? Come to my castle!!!

Indonesian Translation by

Title: Hey Semuanya

Aku mau ke Taiwan

Mau tau ga jam berapa pesawatnya?

Ga mau kasih tau ah...

Yang jelas aku ga bakalan jalan kalo belon mepet ama waktu berangkat hahaha..

Baru nyadar sesuatu

Apa bener pesawat (dari Seoul) ke Taiwan sehari cuma ada satu?

ato dua yah?

Ah, ga tau deh cri

Taiwan... udah lama ga kesana

Pengen ketemu Taiwan eels ahhhhh ....

Psycho J :
Ini pertama kalinya ninggalin pesen disini,

agak canggung ...

Tapi di sini cuma ada berapa ekor eels doang ya?

Ayo, rame-rame datang ke Istanaku!!!

Chinese - English Translation by Shiro

Senin, 27 September 2010

[Translated] Jang Keun Suk Message (27-09-2010)

Title : Hi cri

Eels, hi cri...

September passed really quickly

Did you have a happy holiday?

This time the holiday is longer... Resting everyday for almost a whole week

Did you guys make good pancake? hahaha (Koreans eat pancake on Chuseok)

During Chuseok fed Suni a lot of things... think she will have to go on diet...

Ah... now the time to film the new drama is almost here...

Now need to concentrate my energy

Everyone, please look forward to it cri!!!

Bye cri

Indonesian Translation

Eels, Hi cri

September berlalu dengan cepat

Apakah liburan kalian menyenangkan?

Kali ini jatah liburku lebih banyak .. hampir seminggu penuh kerjaanku cuma nyantai-nyantai dirumah

Apa kalian membuat pancake yang enak? hahaha (orang Korea biasanya makan pancake waktu merayakan Chuseok)

suka: Pancake adalah salah satu makanan khas Korea yang dimakan sewaktu merayakan Chuseok

Selama liburan berlangsung (Chuseok), aku memberi makan Suni banyak sekali, sepertinya dia harus mulai diet nih...

suka: Suni adalah si anjing mungil yang cute banget ama hanbok pinknya haha....

Ah .. Sebentar lagi sudah waktunya syuting drama terbaruku

Waktunya memusatkan pikiran dan energi

Semuanya, nantikan kehadiranku di layar kaca cri!!!

Bye cri

Chinese - English Translation by Shiro
Indonesian Translation : edited by sukageunsuk

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KBOOM Magazine Complete Translation

Japanese-Korean by 挚爱小帅--张根硕全球中文网
Korean - Chinese by huamop @ baidu (http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=898017795)
Chinese - English by siwonshii @ soompi

Jang Keun Suk – Kboom Nov Interview “ The A to Z of JKS”

Known as an actor who’s always approachable for interviews, actor Jang Keun Suk specially appeared in KBoom for his Japan fans amidst his busy schedule. A famous reporter from Korea once said this – “I think he really loves his fans. He always thinks about what he can do to make his fans happy during his FMs. Among the new generation of stars, he is considered as someone who is a “real actor”. The reason why he is highly sought after by producers and magazines – it’s not just because of his acting skills – it’s also because he always does things to make others happy.”

When asked about YAB’s success when it was aired in Japan and how it increased his popularity, he said: “Though I’m not actually there to feel the impact, but I heard from my managers that there are more invitations from Japan now as compared to Korea. When I read from the news that YAB topped the viewership rankings in Japan, I was really shocked…(laughs)”

JKS is scheduled to hold FMs in various parts of Japan from Nov to Dec. Regarding the progress of the planning, he replied: “Yes, everything is progressing very smoothly! In order to show the fans the “best of me”, I am working hard! Everyone, please wait in anticipation!” As the FM tickets were nearly sold out during the pre-order sales, there has been talk that one more show will be added for 27 Nov – that means 2 shows in one day! It’s obvious that many fans out there are hoping to understand him better by attending his FMs…

And so, the theme of this interview is “We want to understand JKS!” (To JKS) “Are you ready?”
(JKS) “Yeah, I’m ready…(laughs)… just a little nervous (about saying the truth), (laughs)…”

A – Attraction

Q: The most attractive part of your body is…?
A: My calves…People always say that they are very beautiful! (laughs) They must have seen wrongly… (laughs again)

B – Bag

Q: Your bag must always contain…?

A: My camera. I love to take photos of everyday life, no matter how insignificant they are…it’s all part of the memories… In order not to miss that moment, I will always bring a camera along... When I’m free, I will organize the photos, recall the times, and I will feel very happy.

C – Chance

Q: Given a chance, what would you like to do?

A: I’d like to pursue an education in language studies – currently, I’m taking Japanese and English lessons. So, if I’ve the time, I would like to do it.

D – Daily

Q: What do you think is indispensable in life?

A: I always listen to different kinds of music – when I’m driving, resting, spending time with people I like… so I’m always with music... it makes me feel very happy.

E – Eat

Q: What would you like to eat now?
A: Cold buckwheat noodles! Especially when it’s summer, I’ll think of eating it even more!


Q: Your most memorable fan is ….?
A: I keep all the memories of my fans in my mind – I’m really grateful to them. (So the most memorable one is…???) …Well, in Japan there’s one fan who always shouts loudly “Keun Suk ah!!” So I’m thankful to her for giving me such support all the time!

G – Goal

Q: What is your biggest goal now?
A: A lot of magazines always asked me the same question. My answer: To conquer the world! Ahahahaha…..!!!! Actually, to be more specific, my wish is to gain recognition for my acting, not just in Korea, but also beyond Asia – that is, the whole world!

H – Habit

Q: What are your interests and hobbies?
A: Recently I have a new interest – that is, I will turn on the TV immediately after waking up in the morning. It’s not because I want to watch TV – but if I don’t do so, I can’t really wake up… besides, I also want to keep abreast of what’s going on around the world… so I made up my mind to do this!

I – Ideal

Q: You ideal woman is…?
A: In short – a gentle and charming woman. She must possess the kind of European lady feel… Fans, you know what I’m talking about??? (laughs)

J – Jealous

Q: Do you get jealous easily?
A: YES! VERY…..!!!

K – Know-How

Q: What’s your speciality?
A: I know the secret to making delicious egg rice bowl! (Why is it a secret?) Because it’s my “speciality”, so it’s a secret! (laughs) But I will teach everyone if there’s a chance…

L – Like

Q: Which part of Japan would you like to go most?
A: I really wish to go surfing in Okinawa…I like water sports a lot, but I’ve never tried it on the sea before... And the sea in Okinawa is really beautiful.

M – Man

Q: What kind of man can be considered a “real man”?
A: I feel that a man who can stand in the centre of many people, one who can lead with conviction, one who can take care of everyone, is a real man. And I want to be someone like that – I think it’s very cool.

N – No

Q: “This is wrong!” When do you think that way?
A: When I think of how I look like after I get drunk… I don’t like it….

O – Other

Q: Would you want to act in another role in YAB besides Hwang Tae Kyung?
A: If I were to shoot the drama again, I would still want to be Hwang Tae Kyung. I’ve said before in other interviews – Hwang Tae Kyung and I have a lot in common – Don’t you think Hwang Tae Kyung is very attractive? (laughs)

P – Present

Q: What kind of present would you want most?
A: Erm….A cute girlfriend

Q – Question

Q: Anything you would like to ask your fans?
A: A whole lot of questions! Actually, I’m most curious about how they think about me...what kind of person do they think I am….what do they like about me…I’ve always wanted to ask them this!!!

R – Re-born

Q: If you can be re-born again, what would you like to be?
A: A rabbit. (laughs). I only need to eat grass everyday, and I can hop around freely. Since I only eat grass, there’s no need for me to go on a diet, right? (laughs)

S – Sake

Q: What do you like to drink?
A: Sake…I think it’s very nice…

T – Thanks

Q: Right now, who would you like to thank the most?
A: My parents. They always worry for me. All this time, they have been my fans, helping me, guiding me – I am really very grateful to them. I wish to tell them “I love you”

U – Used to be…

Q: Is there anything that’s yet to be fulfilled?
A: Though I’m not a computer idiot, but I’m really not very good with it. I like electronic stuff – if there are new gadgets – I would try them out immediately. But what I know about computers are very basic…other than that…I’m….(laughs)

V – Vision

Q: When do you want to get married? How many kids do you wish to have?
A: I’m always thinking of getting married! Just that I’m not really sure when or how it’s going to happen…If I really have someone I love, I would like to get married. To live together, to wake up together in the morning…just thinking of it (an ordinary life) makes me very happy. As for kids…hard to say…maybe 3…(laughs)

W – Wish

Q: Your wish is…?
A: I thought I just answered? “To conquer the world!”

X – X-Ray

Q: Have you ever felt unwell till you had to go for an X-ray?
A: Of course. When I broke up with my first love…it was really tough for me at that time...my heart ached so much.

Y – Y (Why)

Q: Is there something that you feel you can never resolve or understand?
A: Hmmn… I don’t think there’s such a thing. Because with my character, if there is something that worries me, and I can’t resolve it, I will feel very irritated.


Q: What will you think about before you sleep?
A: I will think about what will happen tomorrow. For example, if tomorrow I have to work, I will think of work, if I have an appointment, I will think of that appointment…This is my way of preparing for the next day…

(What do you think of the interview?)
Very interesting – I feel great throughout the whole interview.

(Any last words for our readers?)
Hi, everyone, the readers of KBOOM! Thanks for all your love and support! I’ll show you the best side of me, so please continue to support me! Do come for the Nov FM! Please also support KBOOM! Thanks!

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KBOOM 11 Interview

Translation from Japanese to Korean by 엔토♡ @ Keungall
Korean to English by Mr. Google

Reposted y Shiro401@soompi

KBOOM 11 Interviews - A TO Z

A is considered the most attractive parts of the body?
...^^ Calf? Other people often say that my calf is very pretty, love it! Is not it .. ^ ^?

B is always a thing in his bag?
I'm always in the bag containing the camera. Well, without the usual routine, even a passing scene, I have wanted to leave the memories. Do not miss the moment to put the camera break. When you have time to organize your photos and remember the moment when the heart is happy, I will.

C If there is a chance I wanted to do it?
.. Want to go on language training Recently, even taking lessons in English and Japanese, but if there was even a schedule and I want to someday achieve.

D is always one thing that I do not think ppaenoteulsu?
I'm always doing a variety of listening to music. Or when driving alone, chwihalttae rest ... a favorite with people ... when, if always with great music, I feel very happy.

E I mean to eat the most?
I want to eat cold noodles. Hot summer, I intend to eat.

F If you're the most memorable?
Like you think about all I remember, and I'm very grateful. If you're one of them? Japan paenjungeseo always "geunseokah ~!" In a loud voice and a man's mind. Please support us always so warm and I'm so grateful!

Mr. G's biggest goal now .. Jang?
Even when an interview with another magazine, but I often say, in a word ... "World Domination" is. ! Whoops!
More specifically, the world beyond Asia, South Korea, as well as the best actor I want to be recognized.

H habit, habit or let me know.
I'm a recent habit of it came true. Turn the TV in the morning .. just But that's not to view television. Can not happen if he turned on the television.
Turn on the television that the flow of the world ought to keep abreast of activities! And is determined.

I ideal of the female statue?
Very simply put, is a feminine girl .. ^ ^
The feeling of medieval Europe, which means I know ...., people would think the fans ^ ^ lf it were?

J Jealousy is a serious side ...?
Yes! Very ...!

Mr. K Suk own know-how to concatenate?
Myeongranal know how to make a delicious bowl! Is it a secret?
"My own know-how" is secret because ^ ^! But someday I'll teach you a chance to

L in the most desirable places in Japan?
I want to surf in Okinawa. I'm very much like water sports,
I have not ever been in the sea of Okinawa, the sea is very look nice ....,!

M A real man thinks that a man?
The men stand at the heart of many people think that the real man. Strong leadership to continue to lead the man to do something stronger. And for those who care, even I can do ... and I wanted to be one of those ... I think is very cool.

N this is not! I think that?
Get drunk and not making a mistake like that .... I think.

O you, "handsome," said acting in the role of non hwangtaegyeong?
Appeared on the show once again that you can, prince, Sir, I want to smoke. Because I never said in an interview, but I have something in common because kyung and ...
It's a fascinating character, and Tae Kyung ...^^

P I like getting the best gift?
Uh-bam ... a cute girl ^ ^

Q I'm wondering if the fans?
Let me ask you a lot ... I'm wondering if most of me ... and if you think about is Jang. Other people are not around me ... what kind of person that told you so .... Suk Some point, that I love and I want to ask all .... always.

If R is born again, what you want ...?
Why white tokkiyo ....^^ eating grass every day, I want to roam around freely jump. Why do not diet, not have to eat grass gets ^ ^

S favorite kind of wine?
.. Is very matitdap the sulyiyeyo. (The drink moreugeteu dust)

T now the most "Thank you" and wants to convey?
Are parents ...! Please always concerned me is the most. I gave always been there, help us, for saving .... I'm really grateful ... I want to express love ....!

U still do not get used if you have something?
I'm not hitting machine, Computers and does not do dogs need a little bit. A great liking for electronic products, new product comes out just to try get a lot .... Outside it comes to computers ..... Other than that, the default usage ingeot some ....^^

V When the marriage? And if you want children myeotmyeongjjeum?
You want to be married to! There's nothing called, did not specify how long that's nothing. And if we have people who really love and want to get married at any time. Sleeping with someone you love, keep my eyes open in the morning ..... like I simply think that the ordinary I'm very happy.
Children ... Well ... about three people ...^^

W if there is a wish
Like I said before I even asked, "world domination" is.
Recognized the best actor in the world! I want to be!

X body was sick enough (paraphrase), Have you ever been difficult?
There certainly is. When first love and parted ... Then it was really tough. Heart is really hurt.

Y me, I can not be resolved, does not make sense there?
Well ...., I do specifically is this thing worth. The very nature can be annoying if you are not satisfied because it does not resolve. In recent years, and the sequel ready, ready to show to the very busy ...

Z Do you have any idea that when going to bed?
There is something to think about tomorrow. For example, if the schedule for the day, if you have an appointment for an appointment. Different way to organize the next day to prepare.
When I'm stuck! So well.

* How was your interview?
Was very interesting.! 'Cause we're a new question, throughout the interview was fun!

* Finally, tell your readers to leave a message?
Hi! KBOOM like to see you! Thank you gave me to always love me.!
We'll say you look nice to you, please cheer deuryeoyo!
Fan Meeting held in November, please come over a lot of tours! Write a poem is always a great story of KBOOM
Let me love you more! Thank you!

Scheduled to broadcast the November sequel "Mary oebakjung (working title)," determined by. Drama "You're Beautiful," followed by role, Jang musicians, but to challenge him on this thing is a death metal vocalist of the group. A drama about one year after the appearance because he expected more increases.

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Shiro's Fan Account Seoul FM 100905 Part.3

Shiro Eonni At Tree J Again!!

Please Do Not Repost Without Proper Credit!!

Before I came to Seoul, some Indonesian eels asked me to pass their gifts to Sukkie. I put them in a box, and as soon as I got to the hotel, I took it out, because I don't want it to be squashed in the suitcase. When I got back from Tree J on Tuesday, guess what's still on the table? >.< src="http://www.soompi.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":D"> One guess who it was... :lol: None other than Sukkie himself! He was wearing white shirt, vest, jeans, and boots. OMG, he looked waaaaaay too good for our helpless minds... :lol: We could only stood there with our mouth hanging. He was equally surprised and said "whoa" because he almost walked into us... :lol: So he looked at us for a second and waited (probably thinking these girls must have left their brains at home... which was why they could only stood there frozen... :lol: ) When he saw we were just standing there, he shouted for Keunsama to move his car so Khan could go out and started to move away.

Luckily, at that moment, my mind clicked, and I said to him "keunsuk ssi, this is for you". I handed over the gift to him.. and he took it. He smiled (and oy, what a smile... :wub: ), nodded and said thanks. He took that gift with him as he climbed into the car. We walked out from Tree J still in a daze, and we could only stare at him while he drove past us.. :P We think (as much as our mind could think at that moment) that he might be going to Hanyang, because he was driving alone, leaving Keunsama and the rest of his managers at Tree J.

It was only 2 minutes? But OMG, it was just what I need to finish off my vacation. And it was really the right time. If we came even 1 minute earlier and pressed that bell, he wouldn't be the one opening the door. One of his managers would come instead. If we were 5 minutes later, we would have missed him. But thanks to today, I think I can leave this place with a lighter heart tomorrow. :D Until I see you again, Keunsuk, bye cri~ ^^v

Credit : Shiro / Shiro401 @ soompi

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Shiro's Fan Account Seoul FM 100905 Part.2

Shiro Eonni At Tree J

Please Do Not Repost Without Proper Credit!!

I had to wait 6 hours to see him... :P
We were sitting in front of Tree J, hungry to the very pit of my stomach because I only ate 1 piece of bread for breakfast. Then at around 4pm, I heard the sound of a bicycle brake.
I looked up and there he was! I think I shouted "it's him" then I ran.
He just got off from the bike and I shouted "hi cri" to him. He turned around and smiled a little before his manager urged him to go in (and oh yeah, he looked gorgeoussss! His hair was pulled up, and on his back was an orange tennis racket bag. I never saw him in this getup..:D ) Not until I read his message today that I know he had problem with the bike tires? No wonder his manager then pushed the bike into a van and drove off. He came back around 1 hour later with the bike, then Sukkie's dad came out and tried out that bike.

I knew earlier that he probably was going to go to Shinhye's movie premiere, so I kept waiting there. He came out around 6 pm, wearing blue sleeveless shirt and that jeans in the premiere pics. His hair was still wet, so I thought he's going somewhere to change clothes and style his hair... never thought he only tied half of his hair and added scarf and glasses to his getup...:lol:He looked a bit wary when he came out, maybe afraid the eels would charge him or something. When he saw we stayed put and only waved and greeted him, he relaxed a bit. Some Taiwanese fans asked him to come to Taiwan again, and a Singapore fan (*grins*) asked him to come to Singapore again. He grinned and stuck out his tongue a little. I was saying "bye cri" over and over again because that's the only thing I remember to say...:lol:
He said bye back before going into the car and drove off. Then we all scrambled to find food because we almost fainted from hunger and thirst...:P

Credit : Shiro / Shiro401 @ soompi

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Jang Keun Suk Message (07-09-2010)

Title : kala quit quit quit
Translate with google translate
[ Mianhae klo kurang bagus translatenya ]

Hey everybody
Hi Cri ~

Over the same weekend, on Monday passed like to return to being the industry of today!
Had heard of the coming of a typhoon, but the weather is sunny, rides bike from his home did not come out
Oh ~ 5 minutes on the flat tire in front of a .... shit ... ... uphill ride a burst blood vessel to be ...
It's that arrived at our destination ... ..
This is my first schedule after FM ... .. Hu Ha .... We all have fun, right?

I don't know the full lyrics of this song you are not satisfied .... As a reference to the Republic of Korea KOREA I changed the lyrics of this song
I don't know will want to sing thin in the future ?
Don't know will not become Lounge H theme song for the people there did not remember BANG BANG BANG BANGBANG the rhythm

Yeah ... .. Oh .... Need to transfer audio?
Jang mysterious voice actors may be room to spread .... Hey ... I'm going to high male beauty of the movie premiere
Bye Cri ~

** Photos, and Korean food in Hawaii together in the shadow wage of Aunt heard about the 30 years did not set foot on land in Korea that use photos of my Aunt brought back to South Korea on so suddenly shot down (of course, was already drunk as a ... ... ...) ah ... ... well ... miss Sept. 5.

psycho_j [2010-09-07 오후 5:07:54]
금돌크리 (ID) puppy raising big Cri it?

psycho_j [2010-09-07 오후 5:09:12]
Kala getcha (master lyrics of the song, transliteration) remember me ... kala quit quit quit (transliteration)

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Star News for Seoul FM

Credit : Youku

Shiro's Fan Account - Seoul FM 100905

Thanks to Shiro onni for the great fan account
Jadi serasa di Seoul juga ^^

Please Do Not Repost Without Proper Credit!!

Ah, I don't know what to do. I tried to write a fan account, but it's not even halfway and it's already 2 pages long. So how about doing a pic commentary this time? ^^;;

Thing is, on the notice before going into the venue, it's said no pic or video. Those who caught would be chased out of the room. Which is one of the reasons why I didn't take any pics :P Another reason is I think Sukkie said something about this at the star of the FM, because nobody in the area I was sitting at had their cameras in their hands. The girl near to me even put her camera back into her bag. :P (Sorry, Mee, but the guard was standing in front of me, and I didn't want to take the risk... ^^;; )

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Pictures credit : as tagged (flower's are from DC Gallery)

I might have gone only to three of his FMs, but I really sincerely think this Seoul one blew Singapore and Hong Kong out of the water. I heard there were about 2000 people there, but it felt so intimate somehow, and he really did show a little bit about his everything.

The FM started with a video of a guy wearing bathrobe watching a video. The video showed clips of FMs in Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong. Afterward the little plane with Sukkie’s head flew back to Seoul. The guy stood up, pulled open his bathrobe (he’s bare inside kkkkk), put on a black sweater, and turned off the video. And just at that moment, the screen parted in the middle and revealed a smiling Sukkie wearing exactly the same black sweater and jeans… Oh my!!

It's all so familiar, you know, but I couldn't put my hands on it. Not until I saw the torrents of pics that it clicked. He's imitating Steve Job of Apple! The clothes, the lone notebook and seat on the stage...

Posted Image
Posted Image
But of course, with a personal touch of Sukkie's own brand :lol:

Posted Image

He talked about his babyhood, childhood, teenage years and adult years with the slideshow of pics running behind him. *how I wish there's an invention of language chip available already, so I could insert it somewhere and program my mind to instantly understand Korean... T-T *

Then his birthday party started. A Cri J officer brought in this very cute cake and a gift box. Sukkie laughed as he saw the cake topper : him carrying a beautiful white jangeo... :lol:
He opened the gift and said "ooohhhh..." then pulled out a headphone. He put in on, then pulled out another box: a computer. He said his appreciation and thanks, and we sang him the song we had prepared from the OFC notice. Then the cake and present were taken backstage... after he ran after them because he still had the headphone on...

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

He said he also had a present for us, then he revealed a new website (www.cri-j.com) and put a demo for us... and no, it doesn't replace his OFC. In the right side of the new page, there's a link to the OFC :D
I think this new site is for the jangeo to interact instead of the messy freeboard? :P

Afterwards, there's a clip running about interview with Team H. I understand nothing but the people around me laughed so hard... *sigh* then there's the interview with his managers. He took the part of MC, and asked them about Jang Keun Suk. A board was also brought in and he picked some questions and asked the managers about it. One of the questions related to Keunsama's girlfriend I think... :lol:

He was embarassed and fanned himself, and tried to divert it by saying something about Heungro and Hulrang... but when Heungro tried to say something, Keunsama was ready to put his hand on Heungro's mouth to silence him... :lol:

Then Keunsama was clearing some rumor about Sukkie and Kim Yuna that cropped up several months ago, I think... *again, sigh*
I just have to post up these pics here, because I really love his simple fashion style :wub:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Now, for the highlight of the FM for me... :D

I love the Lounge H bit the most.

The slideshow was showing interview with Team H when suddenly Kurt appeared on the stage. He tinkered with his DJ-ing equipment and then the music started. I craned my neck trying to catch where Sukkie might be, and he appeared behind Kurt, carrying a Cri-J flag, wearing the same black sleeveless Lounge H T-shirt as Kurt... :wub:He asked the fans to stand up (Thank God, I don't know how I could restrain myself from jumping up otherwise... :lol:) and sang the song the sang in South Africa Lounge H two month ago, complete with the flag dance and the fire n smoke effect. Adrenaline rush!! ^o^ he sang another song... I think this is the one he talked about writing the lyrics for. Then he reminded about the Lounge H in Yokohama (as if we could forget about that... kekeke...)

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

The close second would be the Hwang Jini bit... :lol: He was showing us about his drama and movie along the years. He started in 2006: Hwang Jini. The video was showing how Eunho met Jini for the first time, their first kiss, the day he put rings on her, and on until the day he died. There's commentary from the director, etc. Then "Hwang Jini" appeared on the stage. I was staggered in shock as I thought "please don't tell me Sukkie is dressing as Hwang Jini!" Then the camera panned to our Jini, and I burst out laughing seeing Keunsama's bashful face, complete with whiskers and sideburns and mustache and Hwang Jini braided hair... hahahahaha... then from stage right, appeared Eunho, trying to recite the line he said to Jini before putting the ring on her. But this time, Eunho couldn't say anything but double-up in laughter... :lol:And I also did the same when he put the ring on "her" finger, touched "her" whiskered face, and instead of kissing "her" he burst out laughing and said something like "just let's go" hahahaha... :lol: I love how Keunsama seems to be game to everything Sukkie planned, but I swear, I would never see him in the same light again... hahaha...

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After Hwang Jini, we went back to 2007: The Happy Life. We were shown the highlight of the movie, then Sukkie took the stage and sing the theme song of the movie. OMG, I love it! It was such a surprise that he would sing it in this FM. And for 2008 he did the Beethoven Virus bit and sang Can You Hear Me. But both are not my number 3. It's the I'm in Love song, actually... :D(and no, tofu, never heard the song before... :P)
It's a fantastic surprise to see him in white suit holding five stems of red roses and singing the song with such feeling (I recorded half of the song with my iphone, btw... :lol:it's so gonna be my ringtone now... hahaha...) And that voice saying I'm in love would always melt my heart... :wub:

These are pics during the Happy Life bit...

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And of course, the ANJEll bit... :D
After BV, he took us back to 2009, to You're Beautiful. He took the stage singing Ohtokajo (of course... :lol:

it's his obsession after the bungle of HK FM... :D) But this time, it was nicely done. The Koreans around me were saying like "yeah, you did it!!" after he's done with the song and he grinned... :lol:
Then he said something like sorry but because of the schedule, the ANJell couldn't come, etc... when suddenly from stage right there's someone calling him "Hyungnim!" and another "Hwang Tae Kyung!" ^____________^ Shinhye and Yonghwa walked out and went to him. Sukkie gave Shinhye a girl hug (like he put his arm around her shoulder and squeezed her closer) and Yonghwa a guy hug (like chest to chest and pat on the back hug). Then they got to talk some more... I understand Yonghwa said he's going on tour to China, etc then Shinhye went to Sukkie and said in a sulk something like "so you're abandoning us again" kekekeke... so cute!!! ^o^ Then Sukkie asked him what should they sing, and Yonghwa said Promise. So that's what they sang... it's soooo great to see them together again, even though Hongki couldn't make it. And once again, Tae Kyung was the leader... *grins* At one time, he let Shinhye sang some of the lines by herself, and Yonghwa was like following his lead; he stopped singing when he noticed Sukkie stopped singing and let Shinhye took the stage. Too bad they only sang one song together. I would love to hear them singing As Ever too...

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Credit : Shiro / Shiro401 @ soompi