Rabu, 31 Maret 2010


Aku lagi berusaha nulis summary dalam bahasa Indonesia untuk setiap message oppa.. N baru sampai message tanggal 15-01-2010.. Sabar yah chingu.. Bakal segera nyelesaikan tugas ini.. :)

Waktunya kuliah nih.. :)

Bye cri~


Hari Pertama

Wow..!!! Nggak terasa, udah jam 3.15 pagi.. Hahaha..
Terlalu asyik ngeblog... ;p
Dalam 1 malem, ngepost 30an.. Mayan banyak.. :)

Besok baru lanjut lagi, nambahin content di blog ini..
Mungkin mau nambahin foto ato video-video oppa..
Mungkin juga lagu2 oppa..

Chingu, kalo ada request, silakan comment aja yah.. Ntar dibantu nyariin.. ^^


Jang Keun Suk Message (27-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Title: AhAh This is Jang Keunsuk.

Today there is no photo bait.k

AhAh This is Jang Keunsuk.

I received the best appeal awards yesterday, thanks to your fervent support~!!

applause applause applause

* 짝 means the clapping sound.

I thought I couldn't receive any prize in this year neither, but I owe you all Jangers, you know?

'Cause of Jangers I wasn't discouraged in front of Senior Lee ByungHun. k

And then Senior Lee ByungHun said if there is a chance, let's have a liquor and work together.

ㅎㅎ Thank you so sooooo much everybody^^

And I'm so sorry for canceling today's ceremony.

* Actually yesterday(03/27 at 2:00pm), there should be held some ceremony for Seoul Volunteers' Action Day at Seoul Square. But it was canceled by some reason.

I didn't drink and come home yesterday with nervous to sing a new song in front of Jangers.. ㅜ.ㅜ

HulRangEe shook me several times out of my sleep from 11am, but due to a touch of cold I couldn't wake up,
barely wore my gown to take a shower, all of a sudden the ceremony was cancelled.

So to go to sleep again, lay down, sprang up!!!

How should I do the KimBab?

* Yesterday after BaekSang awards, he promised us to buy 100 KimBabs for the Jangers who were waiting for him at City hall. (Finally he gave those Jangers the KimBabs with tuna and with Bulgogi.)

*김밥 : KimBab is the Korean food(very similar to Californian Rolls) with seasoned rice, sliced carrot, pickled radish, Ham, egg, and etc. wrapped with a dried black laver.

HulRang HeungRo Bro said "I'm coming with them right now."

Me whew... Got it, softly closed my eyes (fell a sleep)

I stuck to my promise!!!

Yesterday during our get-together, I made a reservation to KimBab restaurant.

I'll not feed you the normal Kimbab. k

* he bought the Kimbab with Extra Something(Tuna, bulgogi, etc) , it's 30% expensive than the normal Kimbab.. Isn't he cute?

Gather-Gathering your burning energy of Jangers!

Today I eat some sweet potatoes and eggs and softly go to sleep too!


**Actor Jang"s Six comments**

Already state of taking a cold medicine HuMingMingMing

Do no use Tags!! Only for me!!

On Monday I'll go to HeeChul's Radio.

I catch a cold..but I wanna go to china quickly

The hair of Yesterday was Priests'.

HuAm.. Now the effect of cold medicine come-come-cri.. I"ll go to sleep BByeeeng^^ChuChu

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Terjemahan dalam bahasa Indonesia akan segera diposting sama Suka Onnie.. (ChunRu : thx a lot onnie buat bantuannya ^^)

Jang Keun Suk Message (25-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Immediate Comparison!

Today the picture to be shown is....

The dining table comparison of HulRang and me..
* 헐랭(HulRang) is one of his manager

Because of diet menu planning started from today at last

I'm eating sea mustard soup of sea mustard + water + garlic + perilla oil (as small as bean) without seasoning and salt.
* 미역 : sea mustard (in Korea we usually eat this seaweed soup. It is said that this seaweed helps to clean our blood.)

**abstract: He complained about his manager**

I'll fight and beat my enemy-like manager..

The key of Actor Jang's diet menu

Never ever absorb the food with sodium or natrium.

Never ever skip a meal and eat the food of tasteless.
(맡습니다 : it's actually "smell" but, I think he miss-typed it instead of 먹습니다. ㅠㅠ)

In addition, at the time of eating out I'm the one in trouble, so preparing a lunch box.

High-protein food ingredient is the main key! (without seasoning , eating tastelessly)

Impossible to drink liquor and soda.

Regular eating habits if possible.

And not-missing and regulated XX practice

HoHoHo What is XX?? Are U anxious to know it?

I don't wanna let you know Cri? HoHoHoHoHoh

For a while don't give me snack time!

Today no comments neither!

I have to order my wig to wear for tomorrow's BaekSang awards. WooHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (Big laugh sound)

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa lagi diet.. Makan makanan tanpa garam.. Semuanya serba tawar..
Oppa juga kasih tau tips-tips dietnya..
N oppa juga bilang kalo dia udah order wig buat dipake ke BaekSang awards.. lol

Jang Keun Suk Message (23-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Yay~ Congratulations of 100th day Cri!

Everybody hi cri~

Here is TreeJ office, the present time is 10:58pm..

Actor Jang who wanna spread myself out toward Asia and his staffs are ready to go home while just finishing the meeting and dinner!

By the way!

Today is 100th day of the official homepage!!!!!

Congratulation~!~!~!CriCir~!~! Somebody sent some snacks to my office!

Actually so much thank you all Jangers who stayed strongly despite all the chaos~!


I'm living so happily and pleasantly, no matter how big or small it is, "cause of all Jangers Cri!

Therefore today I inform you the up-to-date News of Jang Keun-suk for 100th day Celebration!

Are U curious about future Actor Jang?

In near future a good news will show up to stimulate your eyes and ears you every school of Jangers!

Until then I'll never tell ya! Next to me, Kim Byung-Gun is making a gesture no no ㅋ

And Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a contract of my dreaming SUV!!!!

Thanks to Jangers such a fervent support, finally today!! Made a contract of SUV! WowCri!

But it will take about a month to get my car after the contract, after getting the car I'm gonna give you a lot of bait.

To tell the truth asked so many questions about since when fishing and mount biking are my hobby..

I mean...Umm..Sort of..what.. So

They will become my hobby in future!!!(Ah I donnow)

Just need my SUV to feel the breast of Mother Nature!ㅋ

All the way to make a contract, I couldn't avoid my mother's nagging,
but while contracting she was so cool to make it, I admire her,
and infinitely ThankCri to all school of Jangers following me with all trust!

KuHell.. (onomatopoeia)

So until now that's it.

The bigger bait will appear some time later, anticipate~

The last photo is what I cooked , Pas-U-Ta(Pasta) and Cream mushroom salad to celebrate 100th day anniversary, "cause I"m a man who cooks..

School of Jangers~ Eating my bait and go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!


His Reply:

Today no comments! Leaving work! @

Full credits to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Hari itu adalah 100 hari dari official website..
Oppa bilang kalo hari itu udah tandatangan kontrak buat beli SUV..
Oppa juga attach foto Pasta yang dia masak.. ;p

Jang Keun Suk Message (19-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Title: Thanks to all Jangers...

흐 흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐
(This is his giggling sound with joy)

You know what I mean?
(that means.. his mom granted him to buy a SUV.. ^^)

(This is his giggling sound with joy, again..
He seems to be extremely happy now... ^^)


(Because of tomorrow's kicking out , Let's sleep early!
I have to wait for a month for the car.
A school of Jangers! Do Sweet Dream!!

good night sweet dreams~with me~~

I got a new SUV!!!!Bye cri~

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa masih keliatan senang banget soalnya berhasil beli SUV... (ChunRu : kaya anak kecil aja.. cute.. :p)

Jang Keun Suk Message (15-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Title :
I got your helps.. so.. here is the bait...


All full school of 장어s who are heavy breathing 'cause I didn't give U some Whiteday Bait~~

Therefore today I came here this early to repay your kindness!!!!

Your earnest comments will be printed by HulRangEee (Manager Ssong) Nim.

Cutting off all the bad comments.. Que-Que

Soon the comments and my pay-check (as little as a mouse tail..// liberal translate-> very mere) with a vehicle catalog will be given 2 my mother wrapped with love and care..

Whatever... I'll give U the detailed story sometime later.

So to say... today..

Entering with a Huge Bait.

So-called... Lee Honggi's birthday party!!! (for reference present time is 6am.. I just arrived.)
(Lee Honggi is the singer of FT-Island, and was Zermi in "You're Handsome" drama.
Honggi, HeeChul and Keunsuk are very close as thik as thieves..)

Couldn't care for his birthday because of Yellow-hair's lasted Asia Tour..
We bros celebrated it together Cri.
(Yellow-hair = Honggi, he dyed his hair blonde..)

You know what, flock of men, cozy and exciting and happy... thing..... as far as here.

For a comment, I gave him a bag for his present.

I bought him it to carry a lot of luggages for Asia Tour..
But with his today"s entry.. the Asia tour was over... Hul. (onomatopoeia)..

Then packing my luggage into that bag, travelling around with my suv~~ HuHoot(onomatopoeia)

We all went the drink thing..(Yellow-hair was little-bit tung-twisted)

Cheerfully laughed, chatted and arrived.(I heard the Chinese version of "여전히(Still)")
("여전히" is the song title of "미남이시네요")

My first time to see some bros.. But the conclusion of the story was that we are extremely lonely but happy men..

But for me.. I've got You a school-full of 장어s...

Anyway, living a very different lives in a busy time, Thank Cri for the time to tune in to congenial friends together and share with the deep inside..

And ThankYou cri bro.. unfamiliar with taking a photo..

A school of 장어s.. I"m really happy.................... supposing I have a suv^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

PS: U know what.. If U are sober after drinking, U can't sleep, right?
Comment-Play~ go-go-ssing

Here's their conversation:

(name omitted) Hi cri~~~i am a boy~~

where u from??

thank you cri~^^

hi cri~~nice to see u.^^

(name omitted) nice to see u cri~~~

i know DJ Paul van dyk.his music is ma favorite!>

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa akhirnya dikasih beli SUV ama mamanya!!
Oppa juga cerita kalo hari itu, dia ke ultahnya HongGi.. Oppa ngasih dia kado tas..

Jang Keun Suk Message (13-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Message 1

Title: (Hu Ing Ming Ming : cutty nasaly sound)

There was a black-and-white sketched-like self photo..

That cartoon-feel photo.. I post the original one, but my condition is so much bad, that's why I modified it.

I had a liquor at a cart bar yesterday with 2 bros.

Serious talk, funny chat.. Complete chat chat chat~ ^^

Parted around 9am.

The half of Saturday is gone.

There are two cold Dr.Pepper in front of me...Hu-ing-ming-ming
You all Jangers have a worthwhile weekend...And Do Dak-Chan!!
(Dak-Chan means shut up and praise ^^)

There was a lot of his comments..

If U see the original one, 64% of official members will withdraw and go to watch "Chu_No".. I hate it!!
(Chu_No : it's an on-air Korean Drama with high ratings ..)

For a comment, in Taiwan, some Janger was shaking a placard written "NacheSama".. ㅋㅋ
(Nachesama means "a naked man")

A leave of absence cri... Ah... I have to do "Lounge-H"
("Lounge-H" is the festival name in HanYang Univ... He planned and orgnaized it last year!)

I made that BiBimMyun dancing just before shooting.. ㅠㅠㅠ I miss it..
(after he saw a picure of dancing piggy-rabbit with BiBimMyun.)

Feel so hungry, but if I go home, mom will punish me, so I can't... With whom should I eat? Stomach-burning..

Anyway... The mess of today's morning is that mess of Singapore ticketing likely??

Yesterday three of us drank 7 bottles. Certainly I'm the best drinker of us three. I'M the BEST!!!

For the birthday present for GeunSama, I bought him a gun. totally expensive.. if you hear the price, you'll gonna say "Crazy man"~

I don't have a puppy now.. it's gone.. ㅠㅠ

SophiMarzellaAntuanete HoonEe is .... gone to the heaven.. ㅠㅠ

ma dog is gone..he had seak....

Cocker Spaniel~ But.. HooEe's mom, ChuSok is having a new puppy, so I'm just waiting for the puppy..

Hu-Ah.. Now.. Expecting to be scolded, I have to go home~ go-go-ssing~.. Pray for my safety.. ByeCri..

Message 2

Title: I need you all Janger's HELP urgently.

I need you all Janger's HELP urgently.

Because I love those fishing/excersing/travelling/mount-biking activities...
I NEED a big SUV to carry those a lot of gears..

I wanna travel around to record the scene and take a photo to show you 장어s with bulk of baggages and a number of cameras,
but my mother doesn't allow me to buy it..

I wanna travel here and there of Korea and enjoy various outdoor activities,
and shot Airsoft Gun with GeunSama...
Everyone of you, please persuade my mom..

Please write a comment 2 my mother to grant Keunsuk's wish come true..

And then I'm gonna collect your precious opinions and send them 2 my mother.

Good Comments to be written from now on..

I hope mother should grant KeunSuk's wish come true..

Please Let KeunSuk ride the SUV car and travel around a lot.


Bad Comments to be written..


WOW the same access!!

Actor Jang where?

R U coming home?

What's the suv?

School of 장어s... PLEASE HELP ME...ㅠㅠ

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary (untuk Message 2) :
Oppa pengen beli mobil SUV yang lebih gede biar bisa traveling n ngelakuin aktivitas outdoor..
Tapi mamanya nggak kasih ijin..
So, oppa minta eels buat ikut "ngebujuk" mamanya, biar oppa bisa dikasih ijin beli SUV.. (ChunRu : cutenya.. ;p)

Jang Keun Suk Message (09-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Title: (Woo-hoo-hoot : a laugh sound with exciting)

This is ME!!! (He seems to be so much proud of himself.)

Every Taiwan Fans~~ I Love You Cri~~~~

Full credits to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credits : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Rasanya, pesan yang ini sudah cukup jelas yah chingu.. ;p

Jang Keun Suk Message (08-03-2010)

Pesan dari oppa setelah ngadain FM di Taipei..

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Title: Came Back ~~

Guys~~ I`m finally back now!

Thou I fell a sleep straightaway as soon as I got on the flight, my whole body still aches & I feel like tons of stones pressing down all over me Cri~~

Once I got home, I munched on Kimchi & now lying on bed..

feeling drowsy zzz.. zzz.. zzz.. .. ..

Now, let me take a rest first

& I`ll get back to you with this fan-spanking-tastic Eel Bait sooooon..

& to Eels in Taiwan~

You did such an amazing job during last 3 days

I do appreciate ur love & support and plz take my heartfelt gratitude to you my eels, who must feel far more exhausted than me by now..

Thou you stay far far away from me now, cheer up guys.. hope u can get this great comfort from thinking of me~!

Then c ya later cri~~!~!

U know.. the pants that I wore today.. that`s not something that anyone can try on :P
hehe.. its size was ``27 waist``..

Whooooooosh~ (he is gone in a whoosh :P)

Full credit to : Ks-lovers
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa bilang dia cape banget.. Begitu sampe di rumah, langsung baringan di ranjang..
Oppa juga bilang thx buat eels Taiwan atas support mereka..
N oppa juga kasih tau kalo sekarang dia pake ukuran celana 27!!! o.O

Jang Keun Suk Message (05-03-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Message 1:

Title :
굴부추전 (Oyster leek jeon)

(전 = Korean thin pancake with some sliced vegatables)

He wrote that he was so much busy to prepare this and that..
but a few days ago he ate 굴부추전 cooked by his mother, and it was so much delicious...
And he feels so nervous and quivering because of FM..
And then he wrote a reply that he was waiting for 간짜장..
He said that he ate only 간짜장 not just 짜장면.. ^^

And He wrote he will depart Korea tomorrow...

(짜 장면 : Chinese black noodle.. U can taste it at Chinese Restautant in Korea.)
(간짜장 : It's a kind of 짜장, but 짜장 is already cooked and served , but 간짜장 is cooked right after the order made. 간짜장 is expensive than 짜장면.. ^^)

Message 2:
Title : 떡밥 (Paste bait)
(why 떡밥? : Because we are his eels, we need his paste bait.. ^^ that's why..)
He showed us his dancing practise for Taiwan FM..
(It was too short.. about 17 second or so?)
But the movie was delet*ed in 5 minutes..

Message 3:
Title : 으컁컁 (Ue-Kyang-Kyang)
(This is just an onomatopoeia. Just feel so cute and little bit wicked ^^)

He saw an advertising picture of 미남이시네요(you"re beautiful drama), when he got off a subway in Japan! (He was very proud of himself!!)
But nobody recognized him.. so he was little bit dissappointed.. ^^ (so cute~)

(The followings are his real-time replies.. the bolded lines..)

Today, Homepage will be migrated to another server cri~!~!~!~!~!
Oops.. I spilt 짜장 on my pants....
(Actually he ordered three 간짜장 but they didn"t deliver any extra군만두, so he complained that.. He thought that is because they ordered to a new restaurant, not the one they usually order.. ^^ He was so so cute~~)

(In Korea, when we order to deliver three or more dishes from Chinese Restaurant, usually they service extra-군만두.)
(군만두 : Fried Mandu)
(만 두 : a bun stuffed with seasoned meat and vegetables)

To tell the truth.. I'm already in Taiwan..
Ah Just a kidding ㅋㅋㅋ (giggle giggle)
(He just lied about where he is.. ^^ It was just a joke..)

and after that he wrote a lot of replies about what he should buy for Mr. Gun's birthday gift..
(Mr. Gun is his manager with very short hair, in Korean we call him 건사마/Gun-sa-ma)

Mr. Gun loves guns, sword thing..
and he has one gun given by Mr.Gun.
(They shoot 헐랭이 just for fun, but he cried a few times.. pitifull...ㅠㅠ)

(헐랭이 : HulRangEe is his road manager looks like little bit slim and without tension, that's why he is called 헐랭이 by Suk. but actually he doesn't like to be called like that..)

He wrote some other choices for present..
but he didn't decide..

Anyway I have to agonize.... before tomorrow... Ahh... Headache.. First I have to go back to work.. ByeCri!

And today server will be migrated, so let's wait for it~ Eels ByeCri~!~!~!~!

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC + lovesears @ blogspot

Jang Keun Suk Message (23-02-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Translation of Jang Geun Suk's February 23 entry:

I went on a trip...
This time I was in such a hurry, I couldn't say goodbye before I left.
Eels, sorry...cri~
Listening to Bon Jovi's "All about Lovin You" song and mtv?
Coincidently saw it in Japan, and it is still ringing in my ears.
Really want to listen to it with my eels..^^

I went to learn photography today, and played poker with everyone~
Please welcome my coming back with enthusiasm!!!!!Cri~~

Full credit to : karrenstar @ park-shin-hye.com
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa baru aja kembali dari Jepang.. N perjalanan kali itu, nggak ada persiapan, jadi nggak bisa kasih tau eels.. Oppa bilang, di Jepang, dia denger lagu BonJovi - All About Lovin U, n oppa pengen dengerin lagu itu bareng-bareng ama eels..
Oppa juga pengen belajar fotografi hari itu n main poker ama semua orang..

Jang Keun Suk Message (18-02-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!


Hand! (Imagine someone training a doggie and asking for the paw. He's using this expression)
Is there anyone still online? Now its 5:12 AM...

Nobody right?

I'm now listening to Kim Geun Mo's song, "Portrait Days", its very nice cri~~
Noonas and ahjummas who listens to 90s' music~~
Please share with me~~Cri~~!
This is a lonely but brilliant new year~!!

After his message, he continued to post comments below the message and started chatting..

Reply 1: Eh? Really theres nobody online at all?

Reply 2: Knock, knock, knock

At this time an eel who has been sleeping replied weakly with one word..

Reply 3: Hand...

The happy Sukkie who was delighted to see someone online replied.

Reply 4: Oh~!!There's somebody~!!!

At this time, a second eel came up and replied.

Reply 5: Ah, Geun Suk ah~~

Sukkie started to chat with eels at this time...Below are translations of Sukkie's messages only.

Reply 6: Any more nice songs~~~?

Reply 7: Kim Geun Mo ssi's songs in the past were very nice~

Reply 8: Can't sleep...Listening to music...Let me tell you,I didn't drink tonight

Reply 9: Now I'm listening to "Beautiful Farewell"

Reply 10: The one that released an album? (Discussing with Eels about singers)

Reply 11: I know a little bit about machinery, but I really don't know much about computers...

Reply 12: I'm listening to music in a daze, Cri~~~

Reply 13: Oh...This is also nice cri~~ (Song name:Why Are You Like This To Me)

Reply 14: Jeong Ye's songs..So sad

Reply 15: Hehehe, anyone knows the song "Inituition" from crystal boys? Any more songs of this type?

Reply 16: Hi (Said hi to an international fan!)

Reply 17: Kekeke, the cosplay ahjumma has come, kekeke (Sukkie saw a fan he recognised)

Reply 18: Erm...Don't discuss things like tights(briefs), I'm asking for nice songs~~cri~~

Reply 19: But i like songs from can groups.. (he probably means underground bands?) Is it not suitable with my image?? Girls don't seem to have the same sentiment...

Reply 20: OO, now putting the CD in..Now is this Kim Kwon Hyo sunbae's voice? Kim Kwon Jin? Who is it? (Sukkie getting confused,not knowing the name of the singer)

Reply 21: Whose song was that just now?? Tell me, fast...

Reply 23: "Kolago"..What song is this? (Note:Kolago seems to be the name of a japanese girl, but Sukkie who cannot understand the romanized japanese mistook it for the name of a song)

Reply 24: Everybody go and listen to "I Am Happy" by Li So Ra~I just want to listen to it with all of you..

Reply 25: Ah..This song..So sad..

Reply 26: Everyone, go listen to "Feeling..Like The First Time"..Kekekekeke

Reply 27: Actually somebody did suggest that I go back to being a DJ...Really thankful..I hope to wait until I'm older, until I can express my views on certain things more freely, and able to give better opinions before becoming a DJ again...

Reply 28: Yup, I went out for coffee tonight..Parked my car at the coffee house and came back by Keun sama (Manager Kim)'s car..Its snowing heavily..

Reply 29: Hehehhe, MNET is now airing a program called "Wake Up", really makes people feel pained..

Reply 30: Be it Starbucks or hand ground coffee, to me its okay. The interesting thins is,compared to when drinking with others, i prefer the wine itself. Compared to the fragrance of the coffee, i prefer the atmosphere when drinking coffee with others cri~~

Reply 31: I haven't had breakfast cri~~My parents are still sleeping~

Reply 32: Eels/Jang eos~~Now have to stop chatting~~Its snowing more and more cri~~~Today really THANK YOU cri~~~I will keep all of the songs you recommended into my mp3~~Bye cri~~

Full credit to : Baidu + VeeVee @ lovesears.blogspot.com
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Panjang banget message kali ini.. Sampe bingung mau dirangkum dari mana.. hahaha..
Intinya : oppa masih belum tidur jam 5 pagi.. N online buat nyari temen ngobrol.. Awalnya, nggak ada yang OL.. Tapi, akhir2 banyak yang udah OL, n mereka diskusikan beberapa lagu korea.. :)

Chingu, kalo butuh summary yang lebih lengkap. Silakan comment.. Ntar aku coba kasih yang lebih lengkap.. Sekarang lagi berusaha ngisi blog ini.. :)

Jang Keun Suk Message (13-02-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Message 1:
Happy neh~

Ah!!I'm dying of happiness!
Totally happy!!!
Ah~!~!~!Like it like it like it~!~!~!
Ah~~~I wanna take a picture so much!!!
Woohoo cri~

Message 2:
Usually I won't display the presents that I've received
But to fulfil everybody's curiosity today
I will still show eveybody~~

Really happy cri!!!!

I wanted to show whats inside the fridge as well,
But I held back the urge..
Cri J! Thank U!

Message 3:
I haven't left yet~kekekeke

The fridge of our house...
Looks like its about to burst open anytime (Poong!)
Inside it is stuffed with a lot of things to eat,
this is my treasure chest cri
If I opened it and took a picture,
Mom won't let me off..

Tomorrow going to pray with Mom cri!!!
(pray in this context is to pray to ancestors as it is the tradition for koreans to pray to their ancestors during the lunar new year)

I'm really leaving now!Hehe!
Bye Cri...

Full credit to : Baidu + VeeVee @ lovesears.blogspot.com
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa lagi happy, soalnya dapet hadiah kamera dari fans.. (ChunRu : kameranya puluhan juta!! @@)
Oppa bilang kulkasnya full ama makanan hadiah dari eels, n kulkasnya udah mau meledak saking penuhnya! Oppa pengen nunjukin isi kulkas, tapi bakal dimarahin ama mamanya.. (ChunRu : hahahahaha)

Jang Keun Suk Message (12-02-2010)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!



I`ve got back home finally Cri... after all this series of meetings & work
throughout the whole day from early in the morning till this late Cri...

Btw, what a surprise to see my place totally packed with all these gifts from u guys!!
Fridge full of food*.. House full of boxes!!

I will use all of them well & will enjoy eating them all !!!!

Happy (Lunar) New Year & all the best 4 u guys!! ^___________^ !!!

Hey.. flocks of Jangeos(Eels)!!! Prepare for Se-Be*!!!
Parents in Law

Parents (from ur maiden home)

Grand Parents



Et cetera etc.. hehe

Enjoy the LNY! ...
No dduckbabs* available!
I will make a new one during the holiday hu! hu!

psycho_j [2010-02-12 오전 1:42:00]
There is not gonna be any reply relay game tonite!
I`m sooo sleepy boo-hoo~ Bbyeeee Cri

Full credit to : Ks-holic
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa baru kembali dari kantor setelah seharian penuh di kantor.. N oppa kaget karena begitu sampai di rumah, banyak hadiah di rumahnya.. Rumahnya jadi full ama kotak-kotak!
Oppa juga ngucapin "Happy Lunar New Year" buat para eels..

Jang Keun Suk Message (07-02-2010)

Please Do Not Repost Without Proper Credit!!!

1. I still want to do it again
2. But now thinking about it.. A fanmeeting with 3000 people is not a very easy thing. Yes?Or no?
3. On that day, I really didn't eat anything since morning till 7pm..Cri..Eels, what is all this??
4. Do you plan to starve me? I thought i could go and buy food with aunt and nieces..Or eels will buy food for me..But in the end..T.T
5. Now eating ribs..Uhung Uhung~
6. Ah..Its already the first week of February
7. I'm totally relaxed and resting now,didn't even go to the club..Haha
8. These ribs are korean beef..I heated them myself! (Mum cooked it for me)
9. Noona fans..Don't be anxious..Cri..I will have more productions/works..Cri..
10. But the one with my back on her back..Who is that eel??
11. I'm showing my dinner..Eels~~
12. Puahahaha..My dinner is coming..haha

Like he said he will, Sukkie listed out his dinner for us drooling fans..Kekeke..

This is my dinner (Korea beef ribs, kimchi, black rice, beef soup prepared in the morning)
Everytime I only eat half a bowl of rice cri...
But how to adjust the size of the picture??
Expensive caviar..Or expensive side dishes..A little bit of each..heihei

Going for a date with Keun Sama(Manager Kim's nickname)~~Bye cri...
Puhahahaha..After i turned 20, never went to a club on Sundays..cri bye cri..
Thank you cri!
Aiyo!--Don't shout cri!!Daebaaaak~--Don't want this either! (Sukkie said in his FM before, he didn't like fans to shout like that..)

Credit : Baidu + VeeVee @ lovesears.blogspot.com

Summary (untuk bagian "message"):
Oppa attach foto makan malamnya.. N jelasin menu makan malamnya.. Oppa biasanya cuma makan setengah mangkok nasi!!
Oppa juga bilang dia bakal ngedate ama managernya.. (ChunRu : ngedate koq ama manager? hahaha). N bilang setelah umur 20+, nggak pernah clubbing di hari Minggu..

Jang Keun Suk's Letter

Pesan dari oppa setelah FM di Seoul.. (ChunRu : bikin terharu.. T.T)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Hey there! It`s Keunsuk.

You must`ve had a hard time so far..
U must`ve exhausted..
You must`ve been waiting for today for sooo long, mustn`t you?

I hope all ur pain & frustration can be wiped away thru being & sharing time with me today..

As one of the scenes from `You are handsome` says, I know you fans.. will not stay next to me forever..

Thou I knew it, I couldn`t help feeling scared once I virtually heard that directly from you guys..

U know I must`ve felt that I would be left alone.. feeling lonely in the end of this path..

Yet.. I am not weak any more..& will make myself stronger..

Even if ur heart does not go pit-a-pat anymore in front of me.. or u forget who I (Jang Keun Suk) am.. I will not be shaken!

Rather, I will stay firm & solid so that I can open my arms wider to hold u tighter & warmer once you, who have forgotten me, come back to me..

I guess ``Trust`` is the most important thing (in life).., and I will give ``my Trust`` to you all..

Trust me..
your Jang Keun-Suk will grow even stronger, firmer and less vulnerable.

If you can, I wish you can joi*n me on my further sepping forward.. I ``truly`` wish you can walk along with me all the way through to the end..

Please raise me up and give me warmest comfort if you find me collapsed down & depressed in the middle of my journey..

My Jangeos(Cri-Jers/Eels/Fans), u are mine..

I love you all..Cri..

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Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Jang Keun Suk Message (31-01-2010)

Pesan yang ditulis oppa di hari-H Fan Meeting di Seoul..

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

D-Day Jan 31
I am here![the place where his fanmeeting will be held]
WIll be seeing everyone soon~!~!~!~!

Full credits to : karrenstar @ parkshinhye.com
Credit : eiram888 + lovesears @ blogspot

Jang Keun Suk Message (27-01-2010)

Pesan dari oppa yang diterjemahkan dari korea - inggris.. (versi lengkap dari message oppa yang udah aku posting sebelum ini..)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

아 놔

I really didn`t intend to say this...

Fans who decided not to come, (I`m telling u) don`t regret cri~~~(He tries to say, u will regret if you don`t come.. u know :P)

Dak-chan-ha-ra (Shut up & Praise me)!! Cri !!!
(* here... don`t feel offended with the expression :) it`s just one of those jargons between JKS & his Jang-eo(Cri-Jer)s.. I rather find it quite cute..hehe)


Comments yang oppa tinggalin sehubungan dengan message oppa di atas..

I`ve drunk wine & beer tonite...
btw, u will really regret cri~ if u don`t
come to FM

I don`t have any Dduck-bab(bait for
eels:) tonite, anyway.. my hiccup
doesn`t stop.. ㅠ_ㅠ shit.. boo-hoos
(u know.. he is quite drunk then :-)

(As u guys recommened) I tried to hold my
breath & it almost killed me.. Puke!(he is
just pretending to vomit cri cute~~)

Acupressure doesn`t do anything with
my hiccup!!!!

Happy Birthday Keun-nim(one of Cri-Jers
who joi*ned the chat with JKS that nite &
she said Jang`s message was a great
birthday gift to her- lucky Keun-nim :)..
where is ur friend who accompanies u all the

I dro*pped my saliva on the desk while
holding my tongue
(as u recommened)..Shit..cri..

Gee.. why isn`t this small window of
the web improved yet?

(He is complaining of the size of message
window in his website... :P)

Trot(Korean Classic Style Pop-song)..
nah..There isn`t going to be such thing
(at the FM)..as I am the `Prince`..
(he tries to say that he is a decent Prince &
trot doesn`t go well with his
nobleness :P.. u shouldn`t take this
seriously :) he is kindding :) soooooooooooo
cute :)

With the web issues.. I will make double-
sure of it once I get back to the office
2morrow (he didn`t actually finish the
sentence properly :P)

Gee.. due to this hiccup, I clicked wrong key..
(Anyway) I will fix the web problem once I get
back to the office.

Nest..(the Korean Trot Song that Jang
performed with cute dance at the Japanese
FM).. That`s nothing comparted to
what to come with this FM..
Wait for the news release tomorrow !!

Damn it.. Puke! (again just pretending)
Hiccup causes me to almost vomit.
I`m goin2bed cri~~~ Byeeeeeing..

Hehe.. that was a fib.. hehe hehe hehe ..

Stretching my neck backward almost broke
my neck bone.. (as recommended? - not
sure why he did this.. I didn`t read
through everyone`s comment u know..too
many of them -_-)
Anyways it dosen`t stop the hiccup..

Hohum.. so sleepy~~ I`m really going~~
If I keep trying all these theraphies that you
guys recommend to stop my hiccup, it
will broke my bones..
Bbye Cri~~

Full credits to : Ks-holic's
Credits : lovesears @ blogspot