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Jang Keun Suk Message (27-01-2010)

Pesan dari oppa yang diterjemahkan dari korea - inggris.. (versi lengkap dari message oppa yang udah aku posting sebelum ini..)

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

아 놔

I really didn`t intend to say this...

Fans who decided not to come, (I`m telling u) don`t regret cri~~~(He tries to say, u will regret if you don`t come.. u know :P)

Dak-chan-ha-ra (Shut up & Praise me)!! Cri !!!
(* here... don`t feel offended with the expression :) it`s just one of those jargons between JKS & his Jang-eo(Cri-Jer)s.. I rather find it quite cute..hehe)


Comments yang oppa tinggalin sehubungan dengan message oppa di atas..

I`ve drunk wine & beer tonite...
btw, u will really regret cri~ if u don`t
come to FM

I don`t have any Dduck-bab(bait for
eels:) tonite, anyway.. my hiccup
doesn`t stop.. ㅠ_ㅠ shit.. boo-hoos
(u know.. he is quite drunk then :-)

(As u guys recommened) I tried to hold my
breath & it almost killed me.. Puke!(he is
just pretending to vomit cri cute~~)

Acupressure doesn`t do anything with
my hiccup!!!!

Happy Birthday Keun-nim(one of Cri-Jers
who joi*ned the chat with JKS that nite &
she said Jang`s message was a great
birthday gift to her- lucky Keun-nim :)..
where is ur friend who accompanies u all the

I dro*pped my saliva on the desk while
holding my tongue
(as u recommened)..Shit..cri..

Gee.. why isn`t this small window of
the web improved yet?

(He is complaining of the size of message
window in his website... :P)

Trot(Korean Classic Style Pop-song)..
nah..There isn`t going to be such thing
(at the FM)..as I am the `Prince`..
(he tries to say that he is a decent Prince &
trot doesn`t go well with his
nobleness :P.. u shouldn`t take this
seriously :) he is kindding :) soooooooooooo
cute :)

With the web issues.. I will make double-
sure of it once I get back to the office
2morrow (he didn`t actually finish the
sentence properly :P)

Gee.. due to this hiccup, I clicked wrong key..
(Anyway) I will fix the web problem once I get
back to the office.

Nest..(the Korean Trot Song that Jang
performed with cute dance at the Japanese
FM).. That`s nothing comparted to
what to come with this FM..
Wait for the news release tomorrow !!

Damn it.. Puke! (again just pretending)
Hiccup causes me to almost vomit.
I`m goin2bed cri~~~ Byeeeeeing..

Hehe.. that was a fib.. hehe hehe hehe ..

Stretching my neck backward almost broke
my neck bone.. (as recommended? - not
sure why he did this.. I didn`t read
through everyone`s comment u know..too
many of them -_-)
Anyways it dosen`t stop the hiccup..

Hohum.. so sleepy~~ I`m really going~~
If I keep trying all these theraphies that you
guys recommend to stop my hiccup, it
will broke my bones..
Bbye Cri~~

Full credits to : Ks-holic's
Credits : lovesears @ blogspot

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