Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (08-03-2010)

Pesan dari oppa setelah ngadain FM di Taipei..

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Title: Came Back ~~

Guys~~ I`m finally back now!

Thou I fell a sleep straightaway as soon as I got on the flight, my whole body still aches & I feel like tons of stones pressing down all over me Cri~~

Once I got home, I munched on Kimchi & now lying on bed..

feeling drowsy zzz.. zzz.. zzz.. .. ..

Now, let me take a rest first

& I`ll get back to you with this fan-spanking-tastic Eel Bait sooooon..

& to Eels in Taiwan~

You did such an amazing job during last 3 days

I do appreciate ur love & support and plz take my heartfelt gratitude to you my eels, who must feel far more exhausted than me by now..

Thou you stay far far away from me now, cheer up guys.. hope u can get this great comfort from thinking of me~!

Then c ya later cri~~!~!

U know.. the pants that I wore today.. that`s not something that anyone can try on :P
hehe.. its size was ``27 waist``..

Whooooooosh~ (he is gone in a whoosh :P)

Full credit to : Ks-lovers
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa bilang dia cape banget.. Begitu sampe di rumah, langsung baringan di ranjang..
Oppa juga bilang thx buat eels Taiwan atas support mereka..
N oppa juga kasih tau kalo sekarang dia pake ukuran celana 27!!! o.O

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