Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (19-03-2010)

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Title: Thanks to all Jangers...

흐 흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐흐
(This is his giggling sound with joy)

You know what I mean?
(that means.. his mom granted him to buy a SUV.. ^^)

(This is his giggling sound with joy, again..
He seems to be extremely happy now... ^^)


(Because of tomorrow's kicking out , Let's sleep early!
I have to wait for a month for the car.
A school of Jangers! Do Sweet Dream!!

good night sweet dreams~with me~~

I got a new SUV!!!!Bye cri~

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa masih keliatan senang banget soalnya berhasil beli SUV... (ChunRu : kaya anak kecil aja.. cute.. :p)

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