Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Jang Keun Suk's Letter

Pesan dari oppa setelah FM di Seoul.. (ChunRu : bikin terharu.. T.T)

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Hey there! It`s Keunsuk.

You must`ve had a hard time so far..
U must`ve exhausted..
You must`ve been waiting for today for sooo long, mustn`t you?

I hope all ur pain & frustration can be wiped away thru being & sharing time with me today..

As one of the scenes from `You are handsome` says, I know you fans.. will not stay next to me forever..

Thou I knew it, I couldn`t help feeling scared once I virtually heard that directly from you guys..

U know I must`ve felt that I would be left alone.. feeling lonely in the end of this path..

Yet.. I am not weak any more..& will make myself stronger..

Even if ur heart does not go pit-a-pat anymore in front of me.. or u forget who I (Jang Keun Suk) am.. I will not be shaken!

Rather, I will stay firm & solid so that I can open my arms wider to hold u tighter & warmer once you, who have forgotten me, come back to me..

I guess ``Trust`` is the most important thing (in life).., and I will give ``my Trust`` to you all..

Trust me..
your Jang Keun-Suk will grow even stronger, firmer and less vulnerable.

If you can, I wish you can joi*n me on my further sepping forward.. I ``truly`` wish you can walk along with me all the way through to the end..

Please raise me up and give me warmest comfort if you find me collapsed down & depressed in the middle of my journey..

My Jangeos(Cri-Jers/Eels/Fans), u are mine..

I love you all..Cri..

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Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

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