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Jang Keun Suk Message (25-03-2010)

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Immediate Comparison!

Today the picture to be shown is....

The dining table comparison of HulRang and me..
* 헐랭(HulRang) is one of his manager

Because of diet menu planning started from today at last

I'm eating sea mustard soup of sea mustard + water + garlic + perilla oil (as small as bean) without seasoning and salt.
* 미역 : sea mustard (in Korea we usually eat this seaweed soup. It is said that this seaweed helps to clean our blood.)

**abstract: He complained about his manager**

I'll fight and beat my enemy-like manager..

The key of Actor Jang's diet menu

Never ever absorb the food with sodium or natrium.

Never ever skip a meal and eat the food of tasteless.
(맡습니다 : it's actually "smell" but, I think he miss-typed it instead of 먹습니다. ㅠㅠ)

In addition, at the time of eating out I'm the one in trouble, so preparing a lunch box.

High-protein food ingredient is the main key! (without seasoning , eating tastelessly)

Impossible to drink liquor and soda.

Regular eating habits if possible.

And not-missing and regulated XX practice

HoHoHo What is XX?? Are U anxious to know it?

I don't wanna let you know Cri? HoHoHoHoHoh

For a while don't give me snack time!

Today no comments neither!

I have to order my wig to wear for tomorrow's BaekSang awards. WooHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (Big laugh sound)

Full credit to : Muse @ JKS OFC
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :
Oppa lagi diet.. Makan makanan tanpa garam.. Semuanya serba tawar..
Oppa juga kasih tau tips-tips dietnya..
N oppa juga bilang kalo dia udah order wig buat dipake ke BaekSang awards.. lol

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