Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (27-01-2010)

Pesan di bawah ini, ditulis oppa pas oppa lagi cegukan.. Oppa udah nyoba segala cara buat hilangin cegukannya, tapi gagal.. lol

Please do not repost without proper credit!!!

Reply 1:
No cake/pastry~and keep hiccupping..Really unlucky.

Reply 2:
Holding my breath and almost died. *Exhales*

Reply 3:
Even though pressing with my fingers, it won't stop! (Won't stop hiccupping)
Keun nim, Happy Birthday..
Where are the friends that were with you for the whole day

Reply 4:
Sticking out my tongue and waiting.. saliva is almost drooling onto the table..

Reply 5:
Why, this small website hasn't been updated yet?

Reply 6:
Trot..Is not like that..Because i'm a prince..
The problem with the official site~i will look into it at the office tomorrow.

Reply 7:
Ah, really..Keep hicupping and typed wrongly..
Must go and investigate in the office.

Message left on official site:
Really (Sigh)
Actually I didn't want to say this..
Those of you who are not coming to the fanmeet, don't regret it
Agree!! Critical!! (Important,the only one)
*Hiccups* JGS hiccupped..

Chinese articles credit www.sunshinekeunsuk.com + baidu JGS tieba.
English translation credit: VeeVee @ lovesears.blogspot.com
Credit : lovesears @ blogspot

Summary (untuk bagian "Message left on official site") :
Oppa bilang, untuk eels yang nggak bisa dateng ke FM, nggak usah menyesal.. N oppa masih juga cegukan!!! hahaha

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