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Shiro's Fan Account Seoul FM 100905 Part.2

Shiro Eonni At Tree J

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I had to wait 6 hours to see him... :P
We were sitting in front of Tree J, hungry to the very pit of my stomach because I only ate 1 piece of bread for breakfast. Then at around 4pm, I heard the sound of a bicycle brake.
I looked up and there he was! I think I shouted "it's him" then I ran.
He just got off from the bike and I shouted "hi cri" to him. He turned around and smiled a little before his manager urged him to go in (and oh yeah, he looked gorgeoussss! His hair was pulled up, and on his back was an orange tennis racket bag. I never saw him in this getup..:D ) Not until I read his message today that I know he had problem with the bike tires? No wonder his manager then pushed the bike into a van and drove off. He came back around 1 hour later with the bike, then Sukkie's dad came out and tried out that bike.

I knew earlier that he probably was going to go to Shinhye's movie premiere, so I kept waiting there. He came out around 6 pm, wearing blue sleeveless shirt and that jeans in the premiere pics. His hair was still wet, so I thought he's going somewhere to change clothes and style his hair... never thought he only tied half of his hair and added scarf and glasses to his getup...:lol:He looked a bit wary when he came out, maybe afraid the eels would charge him or something. When he saw we stayed put and only waved and greeted him, he relaxed a bit. Some Taiwanese fans asked him to come to Taiwan again, and a Singapore fan (*grins*) asked him to come to Singapore again. He grinned and stuck out his tongue a little. I was saying "bye cri" over and over again because that's the only thing I remember to say...:lol:
He said bye back before going into the car and drove off. Then we all scrambled to find food because we almost fainted from hunger and thirst...:P

Credit : Shiro / Shiro401 @ soompi

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