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KBOOM 11 Interview

Translation from Japanese to Korean by 엔토♡ @ Keungall
Korean to English by Mr. Google

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KBOOM 11 Interviews - A TO Z

A is considered the most attractive parts of the body?
...^^ Calf? Other people often say that my calf is very pretty, love it! Is not it .. ^ ^?

B is always a thing in his bag?
I'm always in the bag containing the camera. Well, without the usual routine, even a passing scene, I have wanted to leave the memories. Do not miss the moment to put the camera break. When you have time to organize your photos and remember the moment when the heart is happy, I will.

C If there is a chance I wanted to do it?
.. Want to go on language training Recently, even taking lessons in English and Japanese, but if there was even a schedule and I want to someday achieve.

D is always one thing that I do not think ppaenoteulsu?
I'm always doing a variety of listening to music. Or when driving alone, chwihalttae rest ... a favorite with people ... when, if always with great music, I feel very happy.

E I mean to eat the most?
I want to eat cold noodles. Hot summer, I intend to eat.

F If you're the most memorable?
Like you think about all I remember, and I'm very grateful. If you're one of them? Japan paenjungeseo always "geunseokah ~!" In a loud voice and a man's mind. Please support us always so warm and I'm so grateful!

Mr. G's biggest goal now .. Jang?
Even when an interview with another magazine, but I often say, in a word ... "World Domination" is. ! Whoops!
More specifically, the world beyond Asia, South Korea, as well as the best actor I want to be recognized.

H habit, habit or let me know.
I'm a recent habit of it came true. Turn the TV in the morning .. just But that's not to view television. Can not happen if he turned on the television.
Turn on the television that the flow of the world ought to keep abreast of activities! And is determined.

I ideal of the female statue?
Very simply put, is a feminine girl .. ^ ^
The feeling of medieval Europe, which means I know ...., people would think the fans ^ ^ lf it were?

J Jealousy is a serious side ...?
Yes! Very ...!

Mr. K Suk own know-how to concatenate?
Myeongranal know how to make a delicious bowl! Is it a secret?
"My own know-how" is secret because ^ ^! But someday I'll teach you a chance to

L in the most desirable places in Japan?
I want to surf in Okinawa. I'm very much like water sports,
I have not ever been in the sea of Okinawa, the sea is very look nice ....,!

M A real man thinks that a man?
The men stand at the heart of many people think that the real man. Strong leadership to continue to lead the man to do something stronger. And for those who care, even I can do ... and I wanted to be one of those ... I think is very cool.

N this is not! I think that?
Get drunk and not making a mistake like that .... I think.

O you, "handsome," said acting in the role of non hwangtaegyeong?
Appeared on the show once again that you can, prince, Sir, I want to smoke. Because I never said in an interview, but I have something in common because kyung and ...
It's a fascinating character, and Tae Kyung ...^^

P I like getting the best gift?
Uh-bam ... a cute girl ^ ^

Q I'm wondering if the fans?
Let me ask you a lot ... I'm wondering if most of me ... and if you think about is Jang. Other people are not around me ... what kind of person that told you so .... Suk Some point, that I love and I want to ask all .... always.

If R is born again, what you want ...?
Why white tokkiyo ....^^ eating grass every day, I want to roam around freely jump. Why do not diet, not have to eat grass gets ^ ^

S favorite kind of wine?
.. Is very matitdap the sulyiyeyo. (The drink moreugeteu dust)

T now the most "Thank you" and wants to convey?
Are parents ...! Please always concerned me is the most. I gave always been there, help us, for saving .... I'm really grateful ... I want to express love ....!

U still do not get used if you have something?
I'm not hitting machine, Computers and does not do dogs need a little bit. A great liking for electronic products, new product comes out just to try get a lot .... Outside it comes to computers ..... Other than that, the default usage ingeot some ....^^

V When the marriage? And if you want children myeotmyeongjjeum?
You want to be married to! There's nothing called, did not specify how long that's nothing. And if we have people who really love and want to get married at any time. Sleeping with someone you love, keep my eyes open in the morning ..... like I simply think that the ordinary I'm very happy.
Children ... Well ... about three people ...^^

W if there is a wish
Like I said before I even asked, "world domination" is.
Recognized the best actor in the world! I want to be!

X body was sick enough (paraphrase), Have you ever been difficult?
There certainly is. When first love and parted ... Then it was really tough. Heart is really hurt.

Y me, I can not be resolved, does not make sense there?
Well ...., I do specifically is this thing worth. The very nature can be annoying if you are not satisfied because it does not resolve. In recent years, and the sequel ready, ready to show to the very busy ...

Z Do you have any idea that when going to bed?
There is something to think about tomorrow. For example, if the schedule for the day, if you have an appointment for an appointment. Different way to organize the next day to prepare.
When I'm stuck! So well.

* How was your interview?
Was very interesting.! 'Cause we're a new question, throughout the interview was fun!

* Finally, tell your readers to leave a message?
Hi! KBOOM like to see you! Thank you gave me to always love me.!
We'll say you look nice to you, please cheer deuryeoyo!
Fan Meeting held in November, please come over a lot of tours! Write a poem is always a great story of KBOOM
Let me love you more! Thank you!

Scheduled to broadcast the November sequel "Mary oebakjung (working title)," determined by. Drama "You're Beautiful," followed by role, Jang musicians, but to challenge him on this thing is a death metal vocalist of the group. A drama about one year after the appearance because he expected more increases.

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