Selasa, 07 September 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (07-09-2010)

Title : kala quit quit quit
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Hey everybody
Hi Cri ~

Over the same weekend, on Monday passed like to return to being the industry of today!
Had heard of the coming of a typhoon, but the weather is sunny, rides bike from his home did not come out
Oh ~ 5 minutes on the flat tire in front of a .... shit ... ... uphill ride a burst blood vessel to be ...
It's that arrived at our destination ... ..
This is my first schedule after FM ... .. Hu Ha .... We all have fun, right?

I don't know the full lyrics of this song you are not satisfied .... As a reference to the Republic of Korea KOREA I changed the lyrics of this song
I don't know will want to sing thin in the future ?
Don't know will not become Lounge H theme song for the people there did not remember BANG BANG BANG BANGBANG the rhythm

Yeah ... .. Oh .... Need to transfer audio?
Jang mysterious voice actors may be room to spread .... Hey ... I'm going to high male beauty of the movie premiere
Bye Cri ~

** Photos, and Korean food in Hawaii together in the shadow wage of Aunt heard about the 30 years did not set foot on land in Korea that use photos of my Aunt brought back to South Korea on so suddenly shot down (of course, was already drunk as a ... ... ...) ah ... ... well ... miss Sept. 5.

psycho_j [2010-09-07 오후 5:07:54]
금돌크리 (ID) puppy raising big Cri it?

psycho_j [2010-09-07 오후 5:09:12]
Kala getcha (master lyrics of the song, transliteration) remember me ... kala quit quit quit (transliteration)

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  1. ini toch...bibi yg tidak pulang selam 30thn itu...enak banget yach....