Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (28-05-2010)

Translated by 그대오는길 @ Cri J

Title: All systems of sortie go! (2010.5.27)

Finally I will make a sally into JKS ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN tomorrow.

I am in the best shape with sleeping more than 10 hours!!!

(I am wakeful since I slept too much)

I am downloading music..

I wanna introduce the World Cup Album by my friend Kurt whom all eels know.

Although we are not the same age, we are of the same mind and he has a good feeling and sense of music.

The first Album, World Cup Special by Kurt who went through a successful Lounge H with Jang Keunsuk!!

You can easily listen the music searcjing BIG BROTHER!!(I call him a elder brother)

As long as many eels listen, I would be able to pester him to give me a song.

Actually I have been already pestering him...kk

By the way..no matter how hard I think, isnt Kurt cooler than Big Brother....?


I have question for you....

If I suggest that Kurt and eels get together and cheer watching World Cup...

Are you going to come?

The title is Lounge H FOR South Africa!

shiro : If only I live in Seoul... T.T

7 komentar:

  1. Hi, aq mw nax gmn cara join d official websitex Sukkie? Aq udah coba tp g bs masuk. Knapa aq g bs join d sna?
    Mohon d jawab y...

  2. 1. Buka Internet Explorer (musti kudu pake IE), terus pergi ke hhtp://www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr
    2. Di sebelah kanan atas, click di "join/login"
    3. Click di "join"
    4. Tinggal isi kolom2nya... yg pink, harus isi. Yg abu2 optional. Yg ada tombol check, kudu di-check. Terus di bawah click "join"

    Mustinya udah bisa... kalo masih ga bisa, tanya lagi aja ke sini. Pasti ada yg jawabin... ^^

  3. Thx bget y. Aq akhirx bisa jd member. Tp knapa aq msih g bs buka data yg ada di "from.keun-suk"? Trus, d kolom reason untuk secession harus isi apa?
    Mohon d jawab y.

  4. From.keun-suk hanya buat official member (member yg bayar uang taonan). Non-official member cuma bisa liat judul messagenya aja. Sama juga kaya di bagian data: picture gallery. Cuma bisa liat thumbnail doang, ga bisa liat gambar fullnya.

    Kalo yg secession jangan diisi... itu untuk berhenti jadi member. ^^

  5. Ooh, gitu toh... Untung aq g isi secessionx. Hehehe =D
    Thx y.
    Hmmmmm. Blog ini udah jd official memberx y? Klo gtu, gmn byar uang taonanx? M'f y byak nax. Aq penasaran n g tau apa2... T.T

  6. Pendaftaran jadi official member udah tutup sejak 20 Feb kemarin. Ntar dibuka lagi akhir taon kayanya, buat pendaftaran 2011... ^^

  7. Hehe... ^^
    Klo gtu aq liat d blog ini aj deh pesan2x Sukkie. Tp ntar, klo buka tolong ksh tau n tolongin aq y gmn carax... Sedih bgt g bs gabung sekarang. T.T
    Km pny fb g?