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Jang Keun Suk Message (31-05-2010)

Sukkie left another message today. The title: Osaka is over... he said it's interesting... :D Waiting for Muse's or Gemma's translation... :)


Translated by Muse @ Cri J

Title : The end of Osaka

(pic1) Gunsama is sitting in the airplane, holding a coffee with his right hand, hearing something with earphone, abd looking at the laptop monitor.

(pic2) Heungro is looking at the camera with a big smile in the airplane.

(pic3) Hullrangee is surprized by something.

(pic4) Keunsuk is reading something on paper journal (in front of the paper there is his grayscale goods photo).

(pic5) Photo of eels at Osaka FM.

(pic6) Photo of the stage.

(pic7) Another Photo of eels at Osaka FM.

Maybe Eels are all curious about my bait....


Omoshiroyang~~ (Maybe in Japanese, It was soo funny~~)


some fans commented that omoshiro = interesting in japanese.

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