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Interview dengan CooL Magazine

Interview Sukkie dengan majalah China, Cool Magazine
Dipostkan oleh shiro401 di Soompi

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Title: The Artist of Fleet Street

[sakura : Fleet Street: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleet_Street Explanation from Wikipedia ]

☆☆☆ If the perfect face should be sacrificed for his career undoubtedly , he would rather being a guy that something of "My Space", for his qualities in the role be a little squeamish and astidious just like an artist . Has independent mind ranther than parrot cry . The pretty boy that was on the screen once sometimes be cold and blank , sometimes behaves strangely now . Even considers distortion as the hallucinogen getting the adrenaline goning , regardless of the possibility that he would be recognized as a devil of Fleet Street .

☆☆☆ Possesses the excellent craftsmanship as Sweeney Todd , and the endurance before success .Supplies great joy rather than make you a appetizing pie for the customers coming for him .Takes pleasure in joking at you with his fake clay [sakura:means body in opposition to soul] , keeping the neatness in deep heart of himself at the same time . Be a little similar with Stephen Sondheim underneath , admires the extremely vicious and fantastic acting of Gary Oldman , maybe he found something in common with them in personality . Just like what people evaluate on Gary Oldman ," His roles are always evil , on the contrary , he is a lovely and interesting guy in reality ." --- Maybe this is what Keun Suk is targeting now .

[sakura: The two paragraph above are florid and exaggerated in literature , they are just the prologue by the Cool editor , so don't be too serious about the assess to JKS .]

Exclusive Nutrition

[He calls his fans "eel" because they all provide the same rich nutrition for him . When Cool asked for his exclusive interview , his manager seemed have a headache and told us :" (sighing)...There are piles of exclusive interviews waiting for us ... (felt like crying)" . We were puzzled :" Oh ? It seems that he leaves messages to his fans on his official website everyday, isn't that ture ?" The manager didn't say anything for a while and sighed again ...... OK , if we losed to fans on the ranking of time , it's our destiny .]

Cool : You told your fans that the new official website would be opened at your Seoul Fanmeeting "Jang Keun Suk's 亂" , and left messages on line recently, it seems that you are addicted to it , right ?

JKS : It's the greatest charm of personal homepage for supplying a space to communicate with fans , I don't want to just say hi to my fans , but also want to share the trifles in my everyday life with them . Even though I can't show about all the things in my life , I can still let them know the other side of me , about which they are curious .Sometimes I will make jokes with them too .

Cool : Do you remember something impressive among the messages on your official website ?

JKS : To be frank , I want to show my appearance to be an ordinary youth who can be very particular about food and act shamelessly in front of his mother . I was usually on line at midnight , so my fans gave me a nickname as "Sleepless Boy" [sakura: It's"不眠者" in Chinese, I don't know what's the Korean originally , who can tell me how Korean eels call him? ] , another time I uploaded my photos taken by myself , they were amazed at that . Sometimes they told me to eat more and sometimes wanted me to be slenderer , I'm happy whenever I see these messages .

Cool : It's mostly your own originality about the Asia Tour Fanmeeting , there are different characteristic during the shows and the exchanges between fans and you , do you have different ideas in face of different countries ? What about China ?

JKS : The Fan meeting in Korea can be diversified , because large-scale enterprise have their own understanding about the rules and regulations especially for public performance , however, that will be different overseas ,no matter the rules or institution , it will be hard to put all my thoughts in practice . So only by finding a appropriate way according to the reality can I communicate with my fans to the utmost , which is meaningful . It's not a transient show , but a opportunity for me to show all about JKS . I choose red and gold for China Fanmeeting , as well as the official goods . I want to make the fans overseas feel that I'm with them all the time , I want to create a warmer atmosphere than the native actors for them .

Cool : What's the most unfortunate and the most reassuring parts for you ?

JKS : What makes me most assured is that in spite that I'm not a singer but I can still show them my own songs . It's also fine to sing other singers' songs , but I feel comfortable to sing the songs in my own drama works . Nevertheless , it's regretful that because of my unsuccessfully domination of my vocal cords , it's not so perfect for me to show my voice .In addition , we prepared Simultaneous Interpreting for overseas fans on the Seoul FM , which is for better communication between fans and me .

Recurrence of the artistic traits

[ Talent is more pivotal in the field of art than others . That kind of rare persistence like "Everyone is drunk whereas I am sober" will be twisted to be freaky nervosity by people . However, this kind of metaphorical and mysterious inner side still attract large numbers of loyal fans . Of course , we don't wildly wish to appeal to everyone.] [sakura: This sentence is just imitating the mood of JKS, "we" refers to JKS or someone similar with JKS according to the Cool editor . ]

Cool : You have said that what an actor should do is to find the common points between himself and his role rather than show the differences . Do you still think so till now ? Which one is the most difficult role for you to carry out this theory so far ?

JKS : What an actor looks like in film and TV works is not the original appearance like himself , but should be totally different , that is the right way it going to be . Under a circumstance that even myself don't know what gonna happen , it will just be a documentary but not acting skill if my own habit or mood turned up when playing the role .Completely changing to be another person is the real acting, according to which , the role of , Eun Ho , is a role that made me lost in and can't separate myself from . Same situation after , Hwang Tae Kyung , I inherited Tae Kyung's nature in a way , which gave my manager a hard time (smiling).

Cool : You were busying with and at the same period , that's really tired both in physical and mental , so you wouldn't like to act in historical drama , would you ?

JKS : It made me wearied after the continuous two historical dramas ,so I only want to act in modern drama now . These two dramas are greatly helpul for me , but I still can't make sure whether my lines and tone match the historical drama , therefore I just want to study my acting skills in modern dramas .Does not it's the most important that an actor feel interesting when he's reading a script ? When an actor is reading a script, he will sometimes read it at a stretch , or sometimes just read for few pages and put it down , up till the present , all the dramas that I own a role in , I have read it's script from the begining to the end .

Cool : You like Kar-Wei Wang's very much the last time we had an interview with you , even the the theme song made you addicted to it . Have you changed your interest till now ? What kind of films will make you can't get over from all the same ? [sakura: did a exclusive interview to him two years ago , named as in literal or in allusive (好孩子の回魂夜 in Chinese) , the editor said that he was listening to the theme song repeatly , and even though be a little tired but still cooperated well for , a real actor and smart boy ^^]

JKS : I will still take out the DVD of that movie to review it even now , it aroused great inspiration in my studenthood .I'm deep in lately , most people show great interest in the ambiguous love between Matilda and Leon , on the contrary , I highly admire the acting skill of Gary Oldman . Rather than now , I want to try to act as a part of the villain in a few years' time . Now I will choose the scripts like , which is warm and comfortable , after all , it's the best time for me to act that kind of role .

Cool : You were hit to a great degree after your first stage play , so what's your ideas about the differences between stage play and TV play ?

JKS : It's not the subject of stage play that hit me , but the actors' acting on the stage . I'm more and more familiar with the feeling of standing in front of the television camera since I was a child star , the first time I stoot on the stage , in front of the audience , I realized that I still had too many faults , and learned a lot from the elders .

Cool : Because of beautiful appearance , expressions in one's eyes and on one's face will come to make up for it when acting an villain ,but it seems that the actors who are not so good-looking needn't worried about this , right ?

JKS : Is my appearance extraordinary ? ... hahahaha ...so it's meaningless for me to evaluate the acting of an actor . It will be just fine to show what the role suppose to be by what I can do . To be the real role at some point in a period of time by analysis of the role , which is what I persist in now .

Cool : So , personally, are you satisfied with your appearance ? Do you feel some difficulties about your appearance in acting some special roles ? If it exists , how do you make up for it ?

JKS : Nether satisfied nor unsatisfied . I think my appearance is just mine , the interior counts more than the exterior when you want to acting well . You can certainly find elements in one's appearance that not match the role , but you can make up for that through the visible elements , such as one's clothing or hair style . I care my skin and weight most in the exterior part .

Cool : We find you are so handsome when acting the role of who is a younger brother lover , how do you find the same feeling as the leading role ? do you have some same experiences ?

JKS : That's a movie when I was 21 years old , to tell the truth , the two girlfriends before that time are all older than me . I 'm not going to be too troublesome just because I'm younger than her , I guess maybe that's due to strong self-respect and responsibility of Korean men , which are the most important when get along with lover of different ages ,only by this , the love can be everlasting . Not only for love , but also other things, they are all the most significant .

Cool : Your ideal type of girlfriend was like this two years agao "She will wave her hands to my vanishing back every time we say goodbye until I can't see her "...Does it change now ?

JKS : I thought about that at that time . However, I'm worried now , I think it's a problem now , because the winter of Korea is too cold , I would be a bad guy if I let her wave hands to me from the moment she get off from my car to the moment I drive away !
So I change my mind , on the contrary , I think I should watch her going home safely , then I can come back , this is the ideal type deserves to love (smiling). [sakura: KS is a growing gentleman , kakaka~~~]

Explore himself by playing

[ If you notice the friends around him , you will find they are all guys that live for themselves --- difficult to be restricted , talented , unnatural but loyal to friends , who don't want to be just a docile boy .]

Cool : It's said that you have a studio near your university , are you always be there and what do you do most of the time ?

JKS : While it's my own studio , staff in my company will stay there too .We are busying with our own affair , I will do my homework and prepare for the classes sometimes . However, the studio is all my own when it comes to weekend , if the weather is good , I will gather my friends to have a party and barbecue . There are DJ equipments whose sound effects are very good , and big screen for seeing the movie . They are both the basic configuration for Early adopter .

Cool : When you are having a party , are the music and mix both made by yourself ? When did you get interested in DJ ?

JKS : I learned it just because I like music , I don't have the ability like a professional DJ, just for interest , it's entertaining enough just having party with my friends .

Cool : Guitar, trumpet , they appearied in your dramas many times , in spite that you don't want to act similar roles , you have been a member of a band for a few times , do you have some musical instruments that want to learn the most now ?

JKS : I want to learn how to play the piano . Man who are playing the piano looks tender and warm , but ... even though I'm not a guy like that , I still want to learn for getting that quality (laughing), isn't that so ?

Cool : Suppose that you want to form a band at present , which is the most confident position for you in the band ? what about the other members , whom would you like them to be ?

JKS : I'm not so good at one musical instrument like a professional musician , so it seems that I can only be the lead singer , and the lead singer is the position that can attract the camera lens most . In reality , I thought of forming an amateurish band with my friends when I was in senior high school , but didn't success because others joined the army . If let me form a band now , I will choose (Lee) Hong Gi to be the lead singer , I will be the second lead singer , (Kim) Hee Chul to be the drummer , and it will be better if we can make one of the members of Trax , (Kim)Jung mo with us , everthings will be just perfect in visual effects .

Cool : Two members of A.N.Jell are member of band , do you specially envy them when you see Hong Gi and (Jeong)Yong Hwa are on the stage ? Could you estimate the two guys ?

JKS : They are too handsome standing on the stage ! Though it's the first time for Yong Hwa to be in front of the camera lens in a drama , he is really appropriate for the stage , he's indeed a singer ! As for Hong Gi , I know that he sings well before , he was successful in his Asia Tour before than me , and broke the record of Korean singers , a little annoying when he shows off his amazing (laughing) . [sakura: kkk~KS is always joking at close frinds , especially at Hong Gi =_=! ]


[ Rather than oral promise , Keun Suk likes prove what he should do by direct action with subjective initiative .The motor in his brain works at full speed , which makes us believe him even what he said is insane .Perhaps , he is the other side that dare not turn up in public of ourselves .]

Cool : Are you content with your working condition now ? Do you have some special feeling about it ? What's your greatest dream in your twenties ?

JKS : I'm extraordinarily satisfied with it .I am always thinking about how to reward my parents who helped me find the direction of being an actor and my manager who was being with me during the past few years . I'm cautious in nature , so if I have some dreams , they will be limited , I will have bigger dreams in the future , the Aais Tour is my dream too ,I'm surprised that it can be ture so fast , next dream ... em ... conquering the world(征服世界) ? (laughing out loud )

Cool : If the heaven bestowed you an ability that can rebuild the world , how would you use it ? What do you think a perfect world shoulf be ?

JKS : I will rebuild a world in which the nature has more priorities than human beings . The nature observes the rules of itself and human beings observe the rules of the nature , the world would be a place where the nature , environment , and human beings can be harmonious with each other .I care about the environment recently .

Cool : What would you like to select if you can just use three words to describe yourself ?

JKS : Asia , Machinery , Soil . Are they have nothing relationships with each other ? (laughing) . Asia means that I want to be a image that on behalf of Asia .Machinery refers to I want to possess all the new products of electrical equipments , that's my desire . Soil stands for where I would return after death .

Cool : Many actors are in a state of "character setup"(角色設定) in public , are you the opposite type in private contrasting the one in public ?

JKS : I am essentially the same when I'm working or in my daily life . Don't mention telling a lie , I'm even not so talkative .I can't show all my pure sides to the adult community indiscreetly , because what I mean in original would be misunderstood to be what totally different . So what I say when working should be more considered . I'm direct , speaking what I want to sepak in everyday life .

Cool : What's your attitude towards the breakthrough or some time that is critical ? [sakura: I use the word "critical", eels have a tacit mutual understanding, right ? kakaka~~~]

JKS : It's generally because of the teenage rebel that I feel afraid and want to escape when facing up with the challenges . Even though I won't consider so much about everything , the challenges in front of me will make me energetic and be interested in .I hope that I still would like to challenge new things when I'm rather old .

Cool : Have you thought about what would like yourself to be in your thirties ?

JKS : I hope I can live passionately like now , being a man who is doughty and not fear to challenge new things . If I had beer belly ... me, like that ? ...omo ...hate that just simply trying to imagine !

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