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Jang Keun Suk Message (04-05-2010)

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Title: DingDongSuk

Pic by Muse

Seeing after a long interval.
Meanwhile, hard working Kim ByungGun manager.
As usual, Idea bank DingDongMan
(*DingDongMan = MC DingDong who emceed the Korea FM)
He reduced his weight by 11 kilograms to shape his body..

Jangers Get tensed up!!!!!!!!

Slimmer Dingdong will show up...............

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 7:53:23]
Puhat The relationship between DingDong and Encore FM...

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 7:54:09]
By the way will you give me the children's day present?

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 7:58:42]
As a matter of fact... My age 24... children-thing...

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 7:59:17]
Then Do me a favor instead of the children's day present!

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:00:29]
Write some good comments on the coming JKS's articles!!

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:05:52]
Anyway why couldn"t see any of articles with Janger's comments... ㅠㅠ

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:14:36]
BTW I haven't shown up on TV for a long time.. rite? kk

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:20:37]
Ah..I wanna shoot.. Fixed my suv's name on Kahn kkk

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:22:22]
Honestly JjonDeukee(쫀득이) is absurd...ㅡㅡ
(* somebody suggested his car"s name to 쫀득이)

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:24:41]
Mon and dad are accusing me why I'm not going fishing.. I'll go out to try in next week..-_-ㅋ

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:26:35]
'cause of morning-sickness, I had vomitted once during float-fishing in the ocean.. ㅠㅠ

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:30:01]
Foreign eels bought me a rubber boat and a fishing rod. k

psycho_j [2010-05-04 오후 8:32:51]
I have to steam 두릅 with my mom~ You all eels have dinner BByecri @ smack

(*두릅(DuReup) is an edible shoots of a fatsia)

Translated by Muse @ CriJ

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