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Jang Keun Suk Message (23-05-2010)

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Title: PuHaha

After finishing loungeH, Kurt and I gathered together at the sauna for settling sales account.
Talking about the episodes already passed and reasons of problems, went out from the sauna at 3am, pigged out some chicken breast salad.
and then chat til 7am at Han river.

And then...

Kurt said..

What do you think about the party for closing the semester?


So I answered..........

There is an Autumn Festival, too...


psycho_j [2010-05-23 2:48:57pm]
What MT... ㅡㅡ? Maybe a baseless rumor was spreaded..

* MT : in Korea usually we call MT, an abbreviation of Membership Training.. but.. that's just a Konglish(that means Korean+English.. haha)
anyway.. in Korea, usually after mid-term, all of classmates travel to somewhere with beautiful scenery..
it's a kind of rally to strengthen the unity..
right here, somebody mentioned about MT after loungeH.. (I heard that, too) but he did not go to the MT after all.. ^^

* A baseless rumor : there was a rumor that he will attend the MT after LoungeH (I heard that, too.. hahaha)
But that was just a rumor.. so that he said.. it is just a baseless rumor.. (he had no plan to attend the MT afterall)

Translated by Muse@JKS webby freeboard

Taken from lovesears @ blogspot

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