Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (22-05-2010)

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Title : The Youth

I think this is my fate.

I can live easily if I hold myself,but I always set up things like this..

Our Mrs. asks me all the time, "Why are you asking for trouble?"...

* Our Mrs. = his mother

At this time, I asked for avoidable trouble..

Why did I?

Cause I"m still young..

Like others, trying to read somebody"s mind and paying attention to others
I would rather die than live whatever people want me to do just like a clown...
Hate to spend my youth like that...

Maybe early April..

At the coffeshop, with Curt, Do you wanna try... loungeH only two of us?
From that start.. Today.. It came to this.

I started it putting all the things on my shoulder, so.. although I wanted to quit it, I was not able to dro*p this in the middle...

It was not once or twice that I was really about to shed tears..

Cause I couldn"t get the school floor plan in 2 weeks after request, I lost all the sponsors which I requested..
Due to rain,so we set up a dome, but next morning, rain was collected, thus the hanrail could be collapsed..
The second day, after event, I slept in my car parked at school...
The last day, school called me that they couldn"t allow the permission of event place, without washing, I went to see my dean..

Barely we got the allowance, then tried to set up sound equipment..
But they told us that it"s impossible and gonna evacuate all, so we just ran after them, got down on our knees and begged..
Couldn"t eat a meal a day.. working til dawn was default..

Now reminding that all, outrageously curious about why all the things couldn"t be done as planned.. Why those things made me crazy more..

I think... These made me really crazy..
vague disobedience to something what, not to surrender to realities and not to be defeated, and responsibility of charging all the things unconditionally..

Think again now, I still feel like vomitting...
This is my fate..

Manager, stylist, company, fans, parents,
putting all my shields aside, wanted to fight with this world..

In the world without their shields, what can I do all by myself..
I wanted to test myself.

And.. By the only one reason, YOUTH, I did bring it on blindly.

Rather than saving my face and stiff-necked JangKeunsuk..
I love it more, The Youth of JangKeunsuk, holding the fixed neck after sleeping in the car and carrying equipment with gloves on.

Of course, I"ll live like this.
Don"t want to live simply and easily and quietly..

I will keep walking my way like that..

I don"t think there will be such fan, but if you want an idol JangKeunsuk who follows whatever fans want, I"ll pass them chic.

I am a person who think that making my own life all by myself is much precious than anything.


Nonetheless if you clap your hands to THAT JangKeunsuk...
Gonna live my life frantically hard day by day.

More grandly! More Confidently!

I dont give a mini cooper!


I"m respecting those eels" passions(?ㅋ) who came in, getting through limit of student id..
Thanks your nasty but beautiful mind ^^, who didn"t take the change telling me use it for good things, after ordering this and that, causing me mixed up, but anyway I barely calculated and tried to give the changes..


Wanna sorry for somebodies who took my photo continuosly though I told them not to do
Surely I hope they are not REAL eels.. maybe they are not here..

Go away prying fans...!!!!!

Ahhh.. sore feet


ranslated by Muse @ cri J

(shiro : I feel so bad for him and yet so so soooo proud of him after reading his message. Aja aja Sukkie! Live your life your way, and we eels would be cheering you on all the way...)

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  1. OPPA live you life your way, i always respect you :)

    tolong follow twitter supaya bisa request JGS buat dateng ke INDONESIA.. join juga FB Groupnya

    thanks cri..

  2. Go Sukkie.. ^^
    We will always support you, no matter what happen.. ^o^