Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

Fan Account Lounge H Lainnya..

1. If you trade the ticket, JKS will personally give you a bottle of beer. When he took the tickets, he will naturally catch your arm (my note: to give stamp)

2. Please forgive me as my Korean language is not so good. At the beginning he said a few things, I really don’t understand. I just know, no photographs, and added that he guaranteed he will be with everyone all night long. And he really did jump up and down with everyone the whole night.

3. He was dancing some hot dance with the girls!!! There were probably around 10 girls who got lucky. He pulled them up to the stage, one girl each round. He danced with all kind of styles - their body were so close that the girls couldn’t stand it (my note: T.T )

4. He was so excited that he poured the water directly on his head and drank one mouth full of water and sprayed it at the audience.

5. He went up the table several times to dance.

6. He can really tease people. He will form a very cute bull’s horn, squint his eyes and did a very cute imitation of a bull’s charging move.

7. Several times he was doing the butt shaking dance.. very sexy

8. The profit from this event is not for him, but for Hanyang Hospital

9. His relationship with several foreigners seem very good, he was always talking to them.

10. When he was not on the stage dancing, he was on the exit door to maintain order, etc.

11. Small detail: there was a staff who didn’t seem very happy and kicked away the chair, he heard it and quickly pulled up the chair, no arrogance at all, he was very friendly

12. I told him, Welcome to China (in English) , he said ok.
We said, I love you (in Korean)
He said Wo ai ni (in mandarin)
I said, can i shake hand with you?
then we shook hand, he was smiling, he was very very nice

13. At the end of the event, he said, young people should be like this

Translated by: daily_tofu@soompi

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  1. Beruntungnya fans itu.. Bisa pegang tangan sukkie.. XD