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Jang Keun Suk Message (25-05-2010)

There are 4 messages today!! And one is hotter than the others... hahaha... :P

Translation by Muse @ Cri J


Message #1:

Dvdividividividividividivi Arrived

WooGaJaGaWoAGuAhGuAhGuA Excited~~(ShinNa aaaaaaaaaaaa)!@#!$!@#!@#

I insist its quality so eagerly,and pay attention to JangKeunsuk"s NAN DVD which was taken part with its finishing material and design by JangKeunsuk!

For reference, in remembrance of limited edition, You can see the serial number at the righthand-side bottom of the front cover..

But.. I am a Master, so proudly wrote master

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Excited

Yesterday I was chatting and drinking with my mom and aunt til dawn at home, in the morning, found the DVD and jumping up and down now...


DakChanHara(Shut up and praise me)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kkyak(Woak Painful Throat ㅠㅠ)

Comment replies:
He wrote a lot of comments..
He told he doesn"t mind the thing anymore.. and mentioned about Encore FM (He told us "push HeungRo to do the EncoreFM.." ^^)
and.. finally he is free from diet!!!!
but.. the problem is he can"t eat KimChi and Stews..
he feels so hot and salty.. ^^ hahah..

and.. after lunch, he wanna upload his lunch photo.. (and now he uploaded already)

and.. if eels make 2000 comments, he will upload his lunch photo + top-less photo took at Singapore..
(now the comments are already over 2000, and he uploaded the lunch photo first.. now he is searching around to find his topless photo from his hard disk)

(shiro: Ahhhh, replied my question!! I was asking him about when the encore FM might be... *grins* )


Message #2:

Title : First of all, my lunch table..


I ate Salad labeled by JangKeunsuk~

* it means he prepared the salad all by himself.. ^^

This is a meal of mine.

At dinner time, I"m gonna cook something with chicken breast or salmon..

Ah I" so full...ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(I took the photo of refigerator without mom"s notice, if caught by her, she will gonna stamp on me.. ㅠㅠ)

And the bonus, Undressed Suk, I"m just searching for it from my portable hard disk.

There are nearly 1000 photos in there, and it ran away, so I"m searching now.

giggle giggle giggle

U are properly biting my bait..

Comment replies:
psycho_j [2010-05-25 오후 1:16:10]
This shelf is my own. There should be things shopped only by me~~


Message #3:

Title : Undressed Suk Tada!

Ahhh just a fib ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Message #4:

At that time, was it a month ago?

And then came back to Korea, continued exercising, had done some tough job because of loungeH..
Caculating my body consumed this and that way...


comparing with that photo............

I"ve got some abdominal muscle by losing body fat.....

my forearms are very veiny by losing body fat.... (A nurse was surprised by it, when I visit to inject some Ringer solution.)

Additional loss of minus 3kg.......

Just imagine it with your eyes closed ㅋ

Comment replies:
psycho_j [2010-05-25 오후 1:45:12]
but can"t dump my cutie-abdominal muscle k kikikikiki

psycho_j [2010-05-25 오후 2:15:36]
The cost of my undressing is just only 700 comments?

psycho_j [2010-05-25 오후 2:18:00]
Just 851?

psycho_j [2010-05-25 오후 2:24:50]
ㅋ over 1000... so I"m leaving here for shooting BByeCri


And now... some of the pics that came with the message... :D

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  1. HOT HOT!! Ngecess ces ces haha....Kalo baits nya kayak gini terus, kenyang dah keke....
    Tapi ada yang aneh...kenapa ada ban warna kuning yah??? siapa yang pake ban?? Keunsama? XDDD

  2. LOL... Kenyang cuman dengan makan foto? hahaha..
    Suk memang pinter bikin eels kenyang.. b^^d