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[Fan Account] Tokyo FM (29-05-10)

By Mee Xiong @ Soompi



Ok, here it is. mmmm, it's LONG!!! LOLL. I might have forgotten some things.

Alright, so I woke up at 7:45am today. Got ready, went to buy a bottle of sake for Tofu’s friend. Then I took the train to Tokyo, transferred to the Yamonote line, and got off at Gotanda around 10:30 am. Took the wrong road, had to ask for directions, thought I was late and missed Sukkie, but found UPort and fans waiting for him. Saw one of the fans I met at Haneda, went over. I met two Korean fans from the ofc. They knew a bit of English and we talked a bit. I took out my little pressy and asked them to write Sukkie a msg. I went around and asked fans to give him a msg as we waited for Sukkie.

A bus pulled up and inside, I spied Sukkie’s mama. I went, *point* JANG KEUN SUK MAMA!!!!! And everyone got out their cameras to take her photos. Hehehe. Seems like I’m the only one who recognizes her. She got out of the bus and ran inside, but not before I got some shots of her. She’s such a beautiful lady. So after she went inside, about like 5 minutes later, SUKKIE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!! In a black Lexus. The car drove right by us, and sukkie was waving from the inside. For a second there, we thought the car was going down to the parking lot, but I think Sukkie told the driver to stop because he had to back up the car and then Sukkie got out. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was in a maroon shirt, sorry Angel, got the color wrong, and his hair was down and curly, and oh sooooooo GOOD LOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!! He took out his camera and took photos of us. He’s soo cute. I got a great shot of him. Sorry, that’s for me only. Then he went inside and we went out for coffee. During coffee, we exchanged emails and phone numbers and promised to email one another our photos. I can’t wait to see theirs especial the Korean I met because they sat a whole lot closer.

Then around 1:30pm, the door was open!!! I was hanging out with the Korean fans and a the Japanese fan I met at Haneda so we weren’t exactly that in line. So by the time I got in to go buy the goods, sad.gif all the snapbooks were gone. So I got Shiro, minie, and Girlie their aprons and Grace her two fans. I went and found my seat, but I completely forgot to give them my phone number, so I was a bit sad later.

We watched the slideshow, I think like his other FMs, of where is Sukkie. The animals came out. I knew immediately Sukkie was in the monkey one because he’s the tallest and on stage when he was dancing around and then throwing candy, I knew it was him. And yep, it was when he took off the monkey’s head.

Sukkie started out by singing “Without Words.” It was soo good. I sang along because I’ve been practicing. It was so much fun. At the end of the song, I really felt it. Then they talked a bit. I didn’t understand anything, so my friend Yumiko helped me a bit with translation. I only understood, Hongki, FT Island, Yong Hwa, CN Blue and SHIN HYE ssi. So of course being a great fan of Shin Hye too, I asked for translation. Yumiko told me that Sukkie wants to have lunch with Hongki, but he’s busy here in Japan, something about Yonghwa, and then for Shin Hye. He said that because she’s busy filming her movie, Cyrano Agency, he hasn’t contacted her.

They talked some more. Then we watched a clip of YB. In one scene, I forgot which one, in the line, there was GMN at the end, and when TK said GMN, Sukkie said it too. Hehehe, I was spazzing like crazy. And when the scene of the last ANJELL concert came up with TK saying he loves GMN, Sukkie spazzed, well he screamed like he did in the Kiss 1 commentary right before TK said I LOVE YOU to GMN. I was spazzing crazy here.
We watched a clip of pictures of him as a baby~OMG SOOOO CUTE!!!!! I awww sooo many times. Then to his early cfs and all his movies.

Then Sukkie drew about his ideal woman. It was sooo cute. Then at the end, he kissed his drawing. Then he said something and went back and made out with her. Hahahahaha. It was soooo cute and funny. I have the whole thing recorded. LOLLL.

Then he went back stage and drew out a phone number. I was sooooooo sad because I completely forgot that he was going to do this and I didn’t even see the people or the place where I’m to put down my number. So I was sooo ENVIOUS and super jealous of the lady that got picked. Sukkie hugged her like three times and kissed her cheek. I was dying in my seat!!! He sang “Still.” And when he put the mike to the lady, she didn’t know the song. I was like, WHY COULDN’T THAT BE ME!!!! I WOULD SOOOOO SING IT!!!! Just my luck I guess.

Then they talk some more. AND……. Sukkie came out and sang and dance SEXY BACK and OMG!!!!!!!!!!! SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! I had the first half recorded. Some mighty fine dancing!!!! I love it when he lay down on the stage. SOOO HOTTT. Ok, that sounded a bit on the pervy side. Then he ran back stage, and came out through the door to my left continuing with the song. So sad he didn’t even came up to where I sat but walked down and to the stage. Well he danced on the floor and went down, and because people were standing up, didn’t see what he was doing. Then as he went up to the stage, he grabbed a lady and he danced for her, like he kinda “freaked” on her. LOLLL. Again, I was dying in my seat. Got some shots of him dancing and he was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we gave him a present. But before that, we watched a clip of him practicing a song by SMAP. So we held up our balloons and had Sukkie turn around. Everyone was waving their balloon up. It was very pretty. Sukkie was soo happy. He told them to bring out his camera and he took a photo of us. Then we sang the song by SMAP, “Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana.” It was the song Sukkie was practicing. So we sang, well the Japanese fans did. I kinda mumbled along because I didn’t really practiced it. Then at the end, we substituted some words for Jang Keun Suk and threw out balloons up in the air. The balloons from the balcony seatings came down and it was beautiful. Sukkie was sooo happy. And we hit and threw the balloons around. Fans hit some toward the stage. Then they brought out a book with messages from the Japanese fans to Sukkie. Again, I was sooooo sad because I totally forgot to write mine. Yumiko told me in an email but I forgot. SAD!!!! Sukkie was sooo touched. He broke a bit and he kissed several pages. I was very touched by him too. He surely loves his fans.

Then he sang Good bye. Then came out for an encore and sang Promise. He got his managers on stage with him. It was soo cute and told us that they are his managers. Then he came back out and sang Still again. We were really rockin’ because the whole crowd was singing and partying. One thing though, this lady two rows ahead was waving her balloon and so I could get really clear shots and the balloon blocked some of my shots, but oh, everyone was having a great time.

Then after he finished, they had section by section lined up to give him a high five. So, because we get to high five him, it was the perfect opportunity to give Sukkie my present. I printed a photo of him and had people write msgs. I got some from soompi and parkshinhye.org and wrote those msgs down. When I was waiting, I went around and asked people to signed it. So I got some in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English.

While I was in line, I saw Sukkie’s mama and papa, walking behind the goods booth, and so I ran after them and said, Anneonghasaeyo, and both his parents turned around. Sukkie’s papa was a bit a head of his mama, but both stopped and turned toward me. I took out a photo I framed of Sukkie and gave it to his mama. I told her I took this and this was for her. She didn’t say anything but she smiled at me. I smiled back and I waved to his dad and to the both of them as they walked away. I was sooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!! I told the people there that it was his parents, but they didn’t really seem to care, but whatever. I TALKED TO SUKKIE’S MAMA!!!!!!!! Then I forgot to take a picture of my present to Sukkie, so I ran back and took a photo of it. Then went back in line and as I was there, I saw Sukkie’s mama peeping from behind the board. We made eye contact and I smiled and bowed my head at her and she smiled back. She’s sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Then as I was nearing the stage, I took out my present and opened it to show both the photo and messages. As I walked on stage, I said, “Jang Keun Suk,” walked to him, “I made this for you. They are messages…” didn’t get to finished as one of the person there took my present. But when I was pointing to the messages, Sukkie did look down and he was attentive. I think he was a bit surprised because all the sudden I was speaking English. And when I spoke, I looked at him, and I remembered thinking, he knows English. He listened to me. And then as I was ushered away, I high fived him and glanced at him again. HE’S MIGHTY FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO HANDSOME!!!!! And oh my, he has a mighty high five. My hand stung for several minutes afterward. My time with him lasted like 2-3 seconds, I swear. I’m glad that he did listen and looked down at the messages. I LOVE SUKKIE!!!!!!!!!! And yes, he high fived ALL 2000ish fans there. And when the last two couldn’t come on stage, he left where he was standing, kinda slide off stage to stand in front of them and high five them. I LOVE SUKKKIEEEE!!!!!! <3333333333333333333. We clapped for him two times throughout this process. I think he was asked if his hands were ok, and he said they were and held them to his cheeks, one at a time. So cute. Then he said BYE CRI~ and ran off to the back like a little boy. <333333333333

I dashed out of the hall and because I wanted to get a good place by the exit, sorry Angel, couldn’t get you the folders. Got a nice spot by the door and waited for Sukkie to come out. When he finally did, the people, on his left side were kinda wild, especially this one lady in a Hanbok. They freakin grabbed him. I was standing in front and to the side of him and I literary went o_O???? my expression was like, omo, what the heck??? Sukkie did not like this one bit at all. I tried to ask him for his autograph, I know it’s impossible, but I tried. Then they walked him to the bus. I shouted, Bye cri! And as he stood on the steps of the bus, he shouted Bye cri, and of course, I had to shout it back. He went and sat by the window and we went to stand in front of him. People were pushing from behind. I held up the photo I was going to have him signed and I swear he looked at the photo for like 5-6 seconds. The person that was recording his adventure here was recording and he said something. Took out his camera and took a picture of us. He put his mouth on the window and blew at it. It was sooo cute. Then we watched him off, waving good bye.

I think he’s riding the bus all the way to Osaka, but oh my, it’s like 6-7 hours away. Poor baby, he should just fly there. The Japanese fan I met is going to the Osaka FM too since she lives in Osaka. I soo want to go. Oh, well I shall see him again next month!!! Can’t wait for that.

This time because I didn’t get a good seat or even if I did, I didn’t take as many photos like last time and just enjoy the fanmeeting. It was a whole lot more fun and I didn’t feel any regrets at all. Last time because I was always behind the camera, I felt like I didn’t really get to see Sukkie, but this time, I had my fill. It was soooo awesome. I love it to the MAX!!!!!!!!!!! Sukkie!!!! <33333333333333333333333

Whew, that was a long one. Hehehehehehe.

p.s somewhere along there, we also watched clips from the Seoul FM. I'm soooo glad I got a copy of the DVD. Yayy!!!


shiro : Omg... Sukkie is just soooo nice to his fans. Mee's right... Sukkie is <3333333

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