Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Lanjutan : Lounge H Fan Account

Di bawah ini adalah terjemahan dari beberapa bagian fan account Lounge H yang ga bisa diterjemahin ama Xene @ soompi sebelumnya.
Klik di sini untuk melihat fan account tersebut.

1st description :

1. Crazy hip hop monkey
Four limbs are open wide, jumping here and there ~ at the same time his hands were raised high. Why don’t everyone try it~ you have to follow the DJ beat ~

2. Both hands lifting the pagoda
Both hands spread out, palm facing upwards, following the rhythm of the music, lifting his hands higher and higher.

3. 1,2,3,4 dance
This takes some skill, because Sukkie always uses his hand counting 1,2,3,4 on those quiet beats right before the beat builds up again (note: for eels who go clubbing tongue.gif I think you know what she is trying to describe here.. you know how trance music is, quiet beats followed by strong beats.

4. Give me your cheers
He put his hand besides his ear (note: I believe this is just like his DJ-ing move ^^)

2nd description:

1. Light Dance
when the lights are dimmed, Sukkie held his cell phones and danced with very fast hand movement~ before that, the staff gave him a light stick, but he was only dancing for a few minutes and the light stick was flung to the ground. Suddenly Sukkie ran to pick something up, apparently it’s a cellphone…. How come it fell to the ground?

2. Dancing with the girl
The staff arranged for some girls to dance with him on the stairs. It’s just a joke, nothing sexy about it~ the funny thing was there was a foreign guy in the middle, they even asked him to go up and down the staircase, it was so funny~

3. Messy dance
Sukkie and some staff that he knows well danced randomly, there’s popin, there’s locking~but just a short part only for each dance.

4. Spilling water dance
I think he must have realized that he was very sweaty, so he raised a large mineral water bottle and poured it on his face, very handsome ~ but the guy next to him got spilled by the water~
Because people were not following his dance, he said this, aiguuu~

Translations by daily_tofu @ soompi

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  1. hahaha baca bagian akhirnya jd ketawa .. ^_^

  2. Yang light dance itu lho.. Masa tuh hape sampe kelempar gitu?? Astaga.. o.O