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IP 3,5 Masih Kurang Memuaskan???

Artikel lama Jang Keun Suk.. Tanggal 30 Agustus 2009.

Since Jang Geun-seok plays the role of a suspected criminal in movie "Lee Tae Won Killing Incident" his eye contact in the movie poster becomes so complicated and serious which shows totally different image from his former characters.

Jang Geun-seok has no love scandal since he involved the acting business. He said if I have a girlfriend I won't hide to the public because relationship is also part of one's life.

How come you perform in movie Lee Tae Won Killing Incident?

"When I first read the scenario of movie Lee Tae Won Killing Incident I say to myself that I got to play this role to prove myself."

The character in Lee Tae Won Killing Incident is so different from your previous characters. How do you think about that?

"I just want to challenge myself as an actor. I don't pursue huge change in my acting but I just thought I should try this character to show a diverse Jang Geun-seok to the audience."

You are 23 years old now that you must feel grow up a lot?

"Actually I always challenge my age in my production like in drama Beethoven Virus my character's age is actually 27."

I hear you try so hard to study in school. What's the reason behind that?

"I always want to keep studying in school but last year I got that drama Beethoven Virus to finish. My friends all talk about how interesting school life is and I still want to finish my school study."

Do you feel difficult in school because you are a star?

"Actually I feel quite comfortable and relaxing at school. Sometimes I wear sleeper to go to school and buy ice cream to eat. I also participate in the 6 to 6 meeting. That was very happy memory."

Do you satisfied with your grade for the first semester?

"It's 3.5 which is a ordinary grade for average students. I want to do better for next semester so I can get a better grade."

Source : koreanmovie.com + lovesears @ blogspot

Summary :

Jang Keun Suk diwawancarai mengenai perannya di Itaewon. Dia mengatakan bahwa begitu pertama kali membaca skenarionya, langsung ingin memainkan peran itu.

Dia merasa nyaman dan rileks di kampus. IP semester pertamanya 3,5 namun dia masih ingin melakukan yang terbaik di semester depan untuk mendapatkan IP yang lebih baik lagi. (ChunRu : astaga.. IP 3,5 belum memuaskan?? Oppa, hwaiting!!! ^o^)

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