Selasa, 20 April 2010

Cara Register di A.N.Jell OFC

Berikut ini, cara untuk register di :

BY SHIRO401@soompi
Taken from lovesears @ blogspot

Go the the right upper corner and click on the second link. It should give you a pop-up window.
Fill in the column... (it's in English so it should be okay... )
The korean letter beside the password means you have to re-enter your password.
The checked box means it's okay to release the data (to the public? ). *I just unchecked all of them... *
The birthday is in the form of yyyy/mm/dd.
Then when you enter your email address, click that email check button. An email should be sent to you with numbers in it. You just copy paste that number to the email check column.
Only those in bold letters are mandatory... the others are optional.
When you're done, click the button with the check mark on it (left button). Another pop-up window will appear. Just click OK.
Then you go to the upper right corner again, left link to log in with your id and password.
Welcome to A N Jell official fan site...

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