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China Sohu Interview

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Jang Geun Seok Exclusive Interview

Today, Jang Geun Seok will be hosting a fan meeting at Beijing’s Chao Yang Athletic Centre, but after the press conference he accepted a special exclusive interview with Sohu-Korea Entertainment. From Hwang Jin Yi to Minamishineyo, we have seen Geun Seok’s growth on the silver screens, from a child star who was worried about losing his sense of urgency and would become lazy, so would treat all roles with the same passion and respect.

As the “87th Generation of Leaders”, Geun Seok believes this has given him a feeling of responsibility. He rates his own acting a 7 on a scale of 10, and tries to learn something new from every co-star, even from his junior Park Shin Hye. A grudge bearer, Lee Hong Ki was once on Geun Seok’s black books because he didn’t pay up alcohol expenses. If attracted by a female, it will be because of her eyes, and when our reporter played the “4 character idioms” game with him, he resumed his hilarious character, saying “If the outlook on love is ‘surrounded by enemies’, then it would be bad.”

He said he wanted to “take over the world” at the press conference, and that lead to him mentioning his own goals. He repeated, “I want the whole world to know who I am, the Korean actor Jang Geun Seok.”

The following is his interview.
Sohu Entertainment: SE
Jang Geun Seok: JGS

SE: At the end of 2009, SE made a list of actors that influenced Korea’s entertainment circle, and categorized you as the “87th Generation of Leaders”. What do you feel about this nickname?

JGS: It’s amazing! Unbelievable. I can’t really believe it, thank you for giving me the honour. However, it has also brought a lot of responsibilities for me. Not just in 2009, but from now on, every year I will work hard to become Asia’s lively Korean model actor.

SE: When Minamishineyo (You’re Beautiful) aired, did anyone say your acting was similar to Kim Myeong Min? Did you learn many acting skills while working with him on The Beethoven Virus?

JGS: Obviously I did learn a lot of skills from Myeong Min senior, he is one of my most respected actors. Whenever I have questions about acting I will often ask him for advice. The roles of Hwang Tae Kyung and Myeong Min’s character in The Beethoven Virus has many similarities, but to define Hwang Tae Kyung’s character further I put a lot of background effort into it. The two roles are similar, but the base on which the acting is on is different, so they are not exactly the same role.

SE: Out of all the actors you’ve worked with, from whom have you taken the most away from?

JGS: During this time, all the directors and seniors that I have worked with have taught me lots, and I will treasure these things forever. Acting in Happy Life, director Lee Jun Ik, Jeong Jin Yeong senior and Kim Yoon Suk senior all gave me good suggestions. Working on Hwang Jin Yi with Ha Ji Won noona, or even my juniors like Park Shin Hye, and newbie Sung Yu Ri…… they all have skills that I want to learn, I will try and learn as much as I can through my work with them.

SE: How do you rate your own acting?

JGS: On a scale from 1 to 10, I choose 7 or 8. I want to be perfect, but afterwards when I look back, there are many places that I feel I need to improve upon.

SE: Out of all your work, which role or scene are you most happy with?

JGS: Actually I was thinking about the same question lately. When I was 20, I officially became an actor in Hwang Jin Yi, the role of Kim Eun Ho is an unforgettable character. Because it was the first time I heard the praise, “Jang Geun Seok is a real actor”. Everytime I feel dejected or nervous, I will revisit that time of my life.

SE: What was the hardest scene or role to act?

JGS: Allowing myself to delve into my roles, presents different difficulties all the time. Like my character in Hong Gil Dong, not only do I have to act well, I also have to learn martial arts and sword play, which was very difficult at the time. Happy Life, You’re Beautiful and The Beethoven Virus are all music-related themes, and as I love music myself, it was very pleasurable for me to work in those roles.

SE: Everyone knows you started out as a child star, but not all of them will become actors when they grow up. But you did it! How do child actors become real actors?

JGS: Actually I’m still working on not letting myself feel like a real actor. Because I’m really scared that I will lose that sense of urgency and become lazy. I hope to always maintain the mentality from Hwang Jin Yi, where I was full of passion, even for small roles. Compared to “this is good enough” thinking, I want to become even better and more perfect.

SE: Most Korean actors get tired of acting in dramas and will head towards the silver screens. But you didn’t, instead in one year, you had both dramas and films released. For example, in 2008, Hong Gil Dong, Beethoven Virus and movies Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, Baby and Me were released. Was this planned in advance?

JGS: Actually, it was all a coincidence, that 2008 was filled with so many projects. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do actually started filming in 2006, and now that I think back, with Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus, 2008 was actually really busy! I want to continue my passion from then, to now. Starting now, I want to have more say in the roles I accept, and choose roles that make me work harder.

SE: What was your dream when you were young?

JGS: When I was little, I had many dreams. Once I entered Junior High, I had about 10. I wanted to be a race car driver, and even an autoshop owner. When I was even younger I wanted to become a doctor, because I wanted to wear the white lab coat. Also I was already pretty interested in acting, so I wanted to become a handsome advertisement creator, CF director etc. The one dream that hasn’t changed from then is the one to become an actor, which is also the path that I plan to pursue.

SE: What’s your goal as an actor?

JGS: Take over the universe? Haha. I want the whole world to recognize me as Korea’s actor, Jang Geun Seok. Also, I want to introduce my country to the world, and become Asian culture’s ambassador.

SE: What do you have to give up as an actor? And what do you gain?

JGS: I am a hardworking person, I don’t feel like I’ve lost that much, but instead gained a lot. Through the variety of roles, I have gained many fans, and everyone recognizes me on the streets. Now that I’m able to tour Asia and hold fan meetings, I am very thankful, but I feel unsatisfied and want to pursue even bigger dreams.

SE: Did you have to do any special preparations for your new film You’re My Pet?

JGS: Right now I’m readying my killer smile! I play a dancer so everyday I’m trying to lose some weight, and practice dance moves. China has lots of good eats, but I’m only allowed to eat tofu, salad and juice. Yesterday I ate a bit of Ma Poh tofu, it was really good.

SE: Has the female lead been settled yet?

JGS: I am also curious as to who it is. I hope it is an actress with whom I can connect with.

SE: What is the first thing about a girl that captures your attention?

JGS: It’s in the eyes. A person’s eyes are very important for communication. If I see a girl that I like, she must have kind eyes, a thin neck…… I will like girls like that.

SE: Are you good friends with Kim Hee Chul and Lee Hong Ki? Do you see each other very often?

JGS: Although we can’t meet very often, we do call each other a lot. Hee Chul hyung’s host program invited me as the first guest appearance. Since Hong Ki organized his Asia Concert Tour before I did, I often ask him about different regions’ information and ratings. When we do meet up, we will drink beer together to deepen our friendship.

SE: We’ve heard that you are a grudge bearer, and will write down the names of people you don’t like in a little notebook. (Laughs) Is this a sign that you will take revenge in the future?

JGS: Yes, I do have this “little black book”. (Laughs) Everyone that makes me unhappy or makes things difficult for me will be written down. Because I am a bit stingy, as goes with my Type A personality, so I will write it down for revenge in the future.

SE: What kind of things earns a person a spot in your little black book?

JGS: For example, people like Hong Ki, who say they will treat us to drinks, and then leaves early without even paying the bill! And dong saengs who don’t respect the senority order, I will also write their names down. Hahaha~

SE: Let’s play a game. Say two 4 character idioms that are in your head right now.

JGS: Hmm what’s there…… “The more the better”? (多多益善) Also...... (thinking) “Surrounded by enemies”?(四面楚歌)Why are you asking these?

SE: The first idiom represents your outlook on life, the second is your attitude towards love.

JGS: What! Then that “surrounded by enemies” idiom is pretty bad, isn’t it. However, if “the more the better” can be placed last, it could also be a problem. (Laughs very hard)

SE: Lastly, I’ll give you a chance to show off all the Chinese that you know.

JGS: (In Chinese) How are you? My name is Jang Geun Seok, I’m really pleased to meet you, I really miss you. Sorry for the long wait. You are very beautiful! Thank you! Hahahahaha!

Credit: yule.sohu
Translation: featuredweekly.blogspot
Taken from lovesears @ blogspot

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