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Hi again, This is DT reporting. Will try to give you the latest at today's fan meeting to be held at Rock Auditorium located in Suntec, Singapore.

I'm not sure how early sears arrived at the venue and I know it's still too early but I'll start my updates anyway since she is starting to send me messages and I don't want to forget or miss any important infos.

Just to remind you all, the fan meet will be 6pm singapore time tonight. I will be posting the time I received her messages since Singapore and from where I'm at right now follow the same time zone so it should be ok. Also I will be keeping this post on top of the page so disregard the time posted below.

1:42pm ~ received a text message from sears, the Q started at 10am but fans were already on site as early as 9am. According to her, around 1:30pm, the area was a mess. Everybody started running. I guess this is to be expected since this is a free seating event.

2:02pm ~ Everybody is now settled. The goodie/merchandise table or booth was transferred outside rock's main entrance. Some korean staff are in charge of the goodies.

3:02pm ~ Sears thinks the Q is official...the SS are situated near the main entrance. I'd like to think that they will get good seats if the Q is to be imposed. Oh God, please let them have a good view!

3:24pm ~ They just saw Jang Umma, his coordi noona and other staff went inside rock.

3:33pm ~ OMG! if I understood her message right... JKS official camera man took a video of the SeOUL SISTERS, their banner and scrapbook pages! (DT: your faces will be all over the web soon. lol)

4:28pm ~ JKS and everyone else are at the venue already. They are still waiting for the gates to be open. Sears is nervous. Will it be chaotic when they start moving in?

4:31pm ~ This one is funny. A Tree J staff selling Sukkie's goods started singing Oppa's song in front of the SS. Using the light stick as a mic. Seoul Sisters are cheering and clapping at the same time. (DT: free show goin' on. hahaha. Sukkie taught his staff effective marketing strategy. kekeke.)

4:45pm ~ They saw 5 korean fans wearing pig-rabbit costumes. Again, another excellent way of getting Suk's attention.

4:48pm ~ Sukkie's parents just passed by. (DT: Appa, Umma, *waves*)

4:50pm ~ VIP tixs holder starting to enter rock already, as for the others....Running towards the entrance. (DT: sears, omo! are you running and texting at the same time? Don't want a stampede to happen. You know better right?)

5:05pm ~ Staff's are giving out small star-shaped paper and instructed them to write their names and phone numbers. (DT: for real? Unnie, so you're joining too? Not only VIP's? What am I gonna do if one of you will be picked. Ottokaji? Lord let it be Sears...Let it be Sears. Unnie, Don't you dare faint ok or else...Hhmmp!)

5:09pm ~ They are still waiting to go in. Sukkie's parents are at the lobby always looking at them. (DT: Sukkie must have known about the SeOUL SISTERS already and his parents might be thinking you guys are weird. Hehehe)

5:11pm ~ Sukkie's appa is taking a video of the fans lining up. Sukkie got his charms from his dad...Always smiling. (DT: ok, I don't know why I'm shaking while typing. Must be because it's gonna start soon.)

6:01pm ~ They're inside! About 5mins ago and lots of pushing happened. Many are still outside. (DT: will ask if they're at a good spot. --- ok, she said they are not that far. Good!)

6:16pm ~ There are still fans going inside rock. Just Drag is playing and it's past 6pm already!

6:29pm ~ Lights off!

6:42pm ~ This is it. It started already. DJing for his first performance. He entered wearing a mascot attire. (DT: must be the same one from Beijing)

6:45pm ~ This I don't get at all. Sears said he purposely did a slow movement making his fans to wait in anticipation for him to start? Start what? Her excitement is taking over her. lol.

Sears: He didn't start DJing right away when he appeared. Teasing the fans before starting.

6:57pm ~ Interview now

7:21pm ~ Singing Can You Hear Me ( Beethoven Virus OST)

7:45pm ~ Answering questions from fans. Now he's going to call the lucky fan. He kept saying Singapore is so hot and he likes summer. He was looking for tea. Manager gave it to him crawling in the floor so won't be seen in the camera but the camera man made fun at him and filmed him.

The lucky fan who was asked to go on stage went directly to the backstage. lol. She was chased back. (Sukkie, is supposed to be calling from backstage.) He sang Still to her. (You're Beautiful OST)

7:46pm ~ He brought the fan with him backstage. Lucky Lucky Eel!

7:48pm ~ Seoul City Ambassador video is being shown.

7:51pm ~ Game Time

8:01pm ~ He said his favourite scent is vanilla. (DT: OMG! Me too.) He even asked the fan to smell his arm and neck twice. (DT: can you believe that. Dies from jealousy.) A self-made video of his fm was played. And he has two laptops.

8:09pm ~ He gave presents to 3 lucky eels who won the game. And the one who got the smallest gift gets free hug.

8:34pm ~ Dancing to Sexy Back. He went down and the crowd went wild! An ahjumma was picked to dance with him. Whaaaa....

He was upset about some video having poor quality. Maybe the one shown on the large screen when he was dancing sexy back.

It's 10:45pm. I'm on the phone with sears right now! Her mobile phone run out of battery!

Ok, the video that he was upset about was his Seoul FM video. The images kept freezing. He said when he came back out that he was gonna kill the producer. lol. That upset he was.

Then he sang Goodbye. (You're Beautiful OST) Then he left.

The audience chanted encore encore. So, he appeared once again. This time singing Promise (You're Beautiful OST)

The Fan Meeting ended around 8:45pm.

Sukkie said he is going to tour Singapore tomorrow before flying back to korea. This is another treat for eels in sg. Sears is on her way back to Malaysia right now while the others are still stalking him.

According to the stalking Seoul Sisters, Sukkie is somewhere in long beach right now inside some restaurant. And he looked HAPPY!

Taken from lovesears @ blogspot

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