Minggu, 25 April 2010

Fan Account SG FM

fan meeting started 35 minutes later than expected... it was supposed to start at 6pm but it was late.. smile.gif but well the wait was worth it! He came out in the rabbit suit. cute!!! got one sweet from him, haha!

He sang "Can you hear me" from Beethoven virus, Promise, Goodbye, danced "sexy back" wub.gif my hands were shaking like crazy when he came close (so close I could touch him, agrhhh... Gun Sama was so nice, he tried to answer me in English but i dont think he understood me much.. smile.gif

i'm happy that i have the chance to attend the fanmeet... actually it was pretty orderly and well-behaved - blyss you really miss out a rare chance to see Sukkie in person. the thought of me breathing the same air with Sukkie really excites me!! and well for those who took part in the food project, though he didnt say it on stage cos it was scripted, but he actually ate our food with gusto - the boy didn't have lunch when he came to The Rocks - he loved the pepper crab but found it a bit too spicy! tongue.gif (surprised that Koreans could find anything else more spicy than their own food, haha) He shared the food with the rest of the crew too so everyone was happy with our seafood "afternoon tea" - and then they went for seafood dinner again, biggrin.gif totally overdosed today!

Credit : miniejungle @ soompi

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