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Jang Keun Suk Message (17-04-2010)

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Message #1:


Hey cri-j in chinese fans!

Now..Im in the hotel room

please come back here at after 1hour.
I have notice for chinese fan
see u soon.
If u dont come in here..I will go back to Korea!!
So you should come!

bye cri!

I will be back at 1:40AM Today

Message #2:
Title: Attention please

He got back at around 3:30AM already.

Translated by Necuta

Hi, here is Beijing.
I still go on diet and I only ate Chicken breast, fat-free fish and vegetables.
I just finished today’s press conference and interview, and now I take a rest on my room.
Why am I here now? Because I have something important to tell Chinese eels.
Our staff and I just had a meeting, and the conclusion was that…
If the situation were as chaos as yesterday, I couldn’t use the activities I’ve prepared. I’ve heard that a person got injured, and it shocked me…
In order to encourage Korea stars, you fans get together to see me.
I strongly appreciate it. However, the most important thing is your safety.
I know you want to see me at short distance, and you might want to touch me.
But, we believe that there will be the second, the third person, even more and more persons getting injured if you couldn’t be orderly.
One fan strengths her hand, and others will do so.
If this situation keeps going on, I will be farther and farther away from my dear fans. Do you understand what I mean?
You support me, and then I come to Beijing to thank you guys.
For me, the most important thing is your safety.
I’m looking forwards to seeing you behave well and receiving rousing cheers in the FM tomorrow. For everyone’s safety, please be orderly, and then I can come to see you with ease.

So, please, be orderly. Cri~

Bye cri~

Taken from lovesears @ blogspot

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  1. Sukkie bener-bener perhatian ama fansnya..Love him more and more..

  2. makin sayang aja dech ama sukkie...soalnya dia makin perhatian ama eels nya.hehehehe