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Transkrip Interview Sukkie di Konferensi Pers Singapura

Presented by Starhub, Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour kicked off with a press conference which took place last Friday at Starhub Green. The man himself arrived in a sleek black suit hair nicely tied back and was all smiles throughout the press conference. The press conference started with a brief photo-taking by the media before swiftly proceeding into a casual question and answer session with the emcee, Radio 100.3 DJ Ken.

Keun Suk revealed to the media that he had swum from 12AM to 3AM the night before upon his arrival to Singapore. He had mentioned that since it is spring in Korea now, it is still too chilly to be swimming outdoors, and personally, he loves summer. Speaking about his arrival to Singapore, he was full of praise for Singapore fans. He said that he was nervous about the Asia tour and didn't think that he is famous, but was pleasantly shocked at the warm reception he received at the airport.

As he was unsure about Singapore, he had asked his "You are Beautiful" co-star, Lee Hong Ki of F.T Island about Singapore. Hong ki recommended that he go shopping in Singapore. He was told that many celebrities and fashionistas from all over the world go to Singapore to get their clothes. Hong Ki also told him that the clubs in Singapore are very hot. DJ Ken joked that Keun Suk choose swimming over clubbing even when he was told beforehand that the clubs are worth going to which drew laughter from the media.

DJ Ken asked Keun Suk about his goals and aims for the future which Keun Suk revealed a high target for him to work towards from now on. Keun Suk said that he wants to be Asia's Number 1 star in the future, citing Rain, Takuya Kimura and Jay Chou as people he had to surpass to gain that title.

In this press conference, Keun Suk had also hinted that his album might be released next year, although no concrete plans were made yet. He had said that he likes singing, but he is going to concentrate on his upcoming movie first.

The floor was then opened to the reporters to throw questions to Keun Suk.

Korea.com.sg was honored to have Keun Suk answering one of our questions. He was pleasantly surprised at the question as it was asked in Korean. Being really considerate, he had asked the translator to translate the question into English for the rest of the media before answering the question in a mix of both English and Korean.

"Since you are the ambassador for Seoul City, if you have a Singaporean girlfriend, where will you bring her to in Seoul, and what food will you treat her to?"

"There are no boundaries in love. I would love to get a girlfriend in Singapore. If I have a Singaporean girlfriend, I will bring her to places like Namsan and maybe, my home?"He answered cheekily, earning laughter from the media. "I will personally cook for her as cooking is my hobby," he added.

A note here that the emcee thought he had finished answering the question after he said that he would love to have a Singapore girlfriend and wanted to move on to the next question. However, Keun Suk made the effort to stop the emcee and then continued to answer the question by KoreaSG. He had also mentioned that his managers told him about the good food in Singapore such as the crabs, tiger prawns and chicken rice.

When asked about how similar his character in "You are Beautiful" is to his character in real-life, Keun Suk compared the perfectionist in the character to him and said that they are rather similar in that area. He had said that the perfectionist in him is really important as it concerns his career. He took a pick between the dramas he acted before, and he said that "You are Beautiful" is his favorite drama. This drama was the one which let his popularity increase rapidly in the region and it is always why he could have the Asia tour now to meet his Asia fans. He believed that people love the drama as it is a show that has "pretty story, cute actors, and beautiful music"

Moving on, he is currently preparing for his new movie. When asked about it, he said that he had lost 6 kgs so far for this movie and is currently working hard to shed another 3kgs more. An interesting question was raised in regards to his movie.

"What animal do you want to be if you have a chance to be a pet?"

"Rabbit," he replied almost immediately. My zodiac is rabbit, and also, rabbits only eat grass so they don't have to diet,& he continued, earning roars of laughter from the media.

If you do not know it yet, Keun Suk is actually claustrophobic. He said that he is okay on the plane because he walks around a lot with his managers. However when he is in a recording studio or a small room, he tends to get frightened.

Tandatangan mamanya Sukkie.. Mamanya punya fans juga!! hahaha
Credit : Cannie @ JKS OFC

Taken from lovesears @ blogspot

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