Kamis, 22 April 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (19-04-2010)

Message # 1: Korean-English translation done by Muse

Title: Come back Suk

HuIng HiCri~~

I finished the Beijing FM, the second stage of my Asian Tour, and came back!

The most anxious thing was the safety concerns, but happily, Chinese eels were in good order, so that makes my performance finishing without any trouble.

Actually because of a safety concern, I couldn't get a permission to get out of the stage from The Chinese Public Security Bureau...
But I left the stage slowly and furtively with reading their face..

Jason of HS Media was startled again and again when I approached the seats.. kk
Dripping with cold sweat cri

Fortunately after finishing the performance, the Chinese public security men highly praised that
they never saw the fans having such a sense of order among all of the Korean celebrities' performances before..

Originally the encore was impossible because the time was over, but they cheered me to do all of what your want~ ㅋㅋ

In various ways I wanna show my belated appreciation to all of the Chinese eels and the Chinese Public Security men, Thank you Cri..

Most of all, when you showed me the surprizing event clips you made all by yourselves, that melted my legs and I couldn't help not to drop down on the stage..

You are the one who gave me an endless energy to me.

Your are the most powerful creature when I'm accomplishing something in the future.

That's why I call you 장어(Eels).. ㅋㅋㅋ

At this time, there were some episodes at Beijing.

Felt absurd and funny and.. Let's talk about those episodes through the up-coming baits ㅋ

I went home yesterday and cleaned up my baggages with my managers, fell asleep early, so I just woke up a while ago..

With your feeling of SUV expectancy, you gave me a lot of Key-rings, those are too many.. ㅋㅋㅋ I"ll choose and use them. ^^

No more Key-Rings Cri!

Today with taking a rest, I'm gonna watch and monitor what you all uploaded here and there.

Ah! And I forgot to tell you

The first clip played at the time of opening was made by myself.. huhu

There were a lot of funny things I recorded, so I made it until 5am at dawn of the first day of Beijing.

I hope it stroke your fancy.. ^^

This time there are some baits.. Anticipate them..

I have to go for making the bait, so skip the reply-thing today.
Then BByeCri~!~!~!~!

Ah~ in addition!

I wanna do the encore FM in Korea for the last Asian Tour.

What do you think about that Korean Eels??

I asked that the Encore FM in Korea should be the ending,
that makes a dark cloud hanging over my managers' faces.........

Message # 2:
Title: Bait Suk (photo)

My face is swollen.

Because of what? Why? Why?

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  1. Banyak yang kasih gantungan kunci (key-rings) yah?? Semoga ga ada yang ngasih "itu".. Deg2an banget sekarang.. >.<

    Kaliamt terakhir message pertama, bikin aku ketawa.. Lucunya..

    Keun-sama, plz kabulkan permintaan sukkie!!!