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SG FM Interview

Korean idol Jang Keun Suk is on a diet for his new role but there are some things he just can't resist

April 25, 2010
By Kwok Kar Peng

He may have recently turned vegetarian to lose weight for a new role, but Korean idol Jang Keun Suk may just break his diet now that he's in Singapore.

'I heard about the tiger prawns and chilli crabs in Singapore, so I may break my vegetarian diet and enjoy myself a little bit,' said the 22-year-old, who spoke through a translator.

The singer-actor is visiting Singapore as part of his 2010 Asia Tour, which has taken him to Taiwan and China.

Jang, who suffers from claustrophobia, said that flying was uncomfortable for him.

He said: 'I had to walk around the plane with my manager. But it was worse when I was in a recording studio.'

He said he was 'frightened' because of the studio's small enclosed area.

Jang, who started out as a child actor, played an ill-fated lover in the 2006 drama Hwang Jin-i and a vengeful heir to the throne in 2008's Hong Gil Dong, now showing on Channel U.

But it was the 2009 drama He's Beautiful that propelled Jang to idol-dom, with throngs of female fans cooing at his feet.

In it, he plays the frontman and composer of a fictional idol band. The drama will be shown on StarHub E City (Channel 56) from May 19.

Jang looked dapper in a tailored black suit and tie when he met the media at a press conference yesterday afternoon, speaking in English most of the time.

Though he is already slim (his waistline is only 27 inches), Jang said that he has to lose another 3kg for his role as a ballet dancer in his new movie You're My Pet.
The 182cm-tall star has lost 3kg already and now weighs 63kg.

You're My Pet is based on a popular Japanese comic series of the same title. Jang plays the pretty 'pet' of an older prominent fashion editor.

The idol signed 100 autographs when he met his fans yesterday evening. He will be at the Rock Auditorium this evening for another meet-the-fans session.

He said: 'To lose 3kg is not too difficult. I believe you must move or exercise as much as you eat.

'For this reason, I became a vegetarian and I'm now used to eating vegetables all the time. I also continue to exercise.'

Though he admitted that he loses and gains weight very easily, Jang said he's never had any weight problems.

'I've never been over 70kg,' he added. 'But I've had my share of pimply problems when I was younger. It's just part of the growing up process.'

First time in Singapore

This is the star's first trip to Singapore.

'I touched down on Thursday night and there were many fans waiting for me at the airport. It was unbelievable but I was also quite nervous,' he said.

'I spent the night at the hotel pool, swimming from midnight to 3am. It's spring in Korea but it feels like summer in Singapore. I like summer.'

Jang said he also spent Thursday night video-taping and editing a clip that he will show to his Singapore fans at the fan meet tonight.

'I'm contemplating adding in footage of myself in the trunks,' he said cheekily.

When he meets his fans, he'll sing three songs, dance and show off his DJ skills.

A ticket to his fan meet costs $168, while a VIP ticket, which includes entry to the fan meet as well as the opportunity to get Jang's autograph, costs $250.

Of the 100 VIP tickets available, 20 were set aside for members of his official fan club, another 20 for sponsors of the event, and 10 for overseas supporters.

The remaining 50 were on sale on March 13 at a shopping mall. Fans, however, started queuing two days earlier to purchase the tickets.

All have been snapped up.

But some fans found the tickets too expensive.

Netizen Lovegood wrote in the Cozycot forum: 'Gosh, it's even more expensive than Lee Min Ho's fan meeting.'

Lee, star of the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, held a fan meet here in December last year.

Ticket prices ranged from $98 to $188.

Another netizen Beannie wrote in the Flowerpod forum: 'It's really quite expensive. It's... not worth it if he doesn't speak English as I don't understand Korean at all. Though there may be a translator, I feel something is lacking.'

But one of Jang's supporters, a 34-year-old IT analyst who wanted to be known only as Yolanda, felt that the price was reasonable.

She bought the VIP ticket.

She told The New Paper: 'It's worth it to spend $250 to get close to him and to get his autograph. I also get priority seating there and won't have to squeeze with the 1,100 other supporters.'

Though Jang was seen coughing during the press conference, he said he will not disappoint his supporters.

He said: 'I have the flu right now and I saw my physician before I came to Singapore. I'm not in the best condition but I will try my very best for the fan meet.'

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