Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (02-06-2010)

Credit to Kym of Singapore


Subject: Don't Be Nervous

Spitting out some Japan photos~~~

Are you nervous because I had scared you the last time?

Pink Suk misses the eels!!!

Right now!!!!

Second Message:

Pink Suk threw (something) away

Not the handphone electronic magnetic block page

It was the Polaroid I took at the hotel which was meant for the fans

Until now you still don't know about it

Do you want it? Hehehehe~~~


shiro : Point of the message: he gave permission to upload Japan FM pics... :D And so the photos all popped up on the net... hahaha...
Pink Suk refers to the pink shirt he wore at the airport...

2 komentar:

  1. Pink suk .. gwiyopda >.<

  2. Sapa juga yang bisa nolak pink suk? Haha.. XD