Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Ayo Promosikan Lounge H!!! ^o^

Di bawah ini, pesan dari Muse, yang berhubungan dengan pesan Sukkie tanggal 16 (Klik di sini)


I just signed up daum for you all foreigners.. ^^

http://www.daum.net (ChunRu : pake IE yah chingu.. ^^)

id : gogoeel
pw : gogo1010

login with the upper id and pw
and.. search for "장근석 월드컵파티"

{and then click one link below.. and close it quickly..
and F5 for the searching window..} <- forever clicking.. ^^ thank you all!! Muse [2010-06-16 오후 8:44:36]
login and type "장근석 월드컵파티" into the blank.. and enter..that means you are searching for "장근석 월드컵파티", and then.. click one of the search result.. and close the clicked result.. F5 for searching

Muse [2010-06-16 오후 8:45:03]
and forever loop for the search->click->close->search->click->close.. ok??

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