Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

A.N.Jell FM Goodies

Item No 1: B2 size posters
Item No 2: Postcard book (can tear out the 40 pieces of postcards)
Item No 3: Clear files
Item No 4: ANJELL Pin Badges (but we can't choose as they will be in the blue packaging. So if we are unlucky, then we may end up with four pig rabbits instead!)
Item No 5: Face towel
Item No 6: Bag
Item No 7: HP holder
Item No 8: set of all the above items + an additional pin badge (but still can't choose the badges)

Untuk info lebih lanjut : klik di sini

Credit: shiro401 + gracelwf2 @ soompi
Reposted from lovesears @ blogspot

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