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Itazura Na Kiss

Sears : Korea's Group 8, maker of Boys over Flower, is planning to do a korean version of it. And, there's a poll on who's going to take the male lead role. YES~ Sukkie is one of the candidates.

Top 3 Male Choices for the Korean Version of ‘Itazura Na Kiss’
June 16, 2010

When the news first broke last month that the Korean version of Itazura Na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss) is in production, fans online started a poll on which Korean heartthrob will play the male lead role in the series.

After weeks of voting and with thousands of votes cast, fans’ top 3 results are in! Making his way to the top is SS501 Kim HyungJoon with a whopping 288,079 votes, leaving a huge gap between him and his group leader Kim HyunJoong who comes in second. Third spot goes to You’re Beautiful actor Jang GeunSeuk.

Poll Results:
Kim Hyung Joon – 288,079 votes
Kim Hyun Joong – 151,239 votes
Jang Geun Seuk – 140,211 votes

Other nominees are from the members of idol groups such Super Junior, DBSK, 2PM, Big Bang, T-Max, FT Island, CNBlue, but a sweeping victory by the boys of SS501 clears the way.

A friendly reminder folks – this is just a poll. We will keep you updated with the official cast, so stay tuned on KpopLive.

Credit: kpoplive
Translation: Ode + rainaftershine
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