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Interview in Japan (28-05-2010)

Chinese translation by Suk Baidu Bar

English translation by kaedjun @ soompi


A Reporter's Article on Jang Geun Suk's Asia Tour in Japan

Because of his appearance in "You're Beautiful," "Beethoven Virus," "Hong Gil Dong," and other popular dramas, Jang Geun Suk has already displayed mature acting skills, and he has become a representative of a new generation of Korean actors.

On May 29, at Tokyo Gotanda U-Port (not sure if this is the right location) he held a press conference at the "Asia Tour in Japan" event. Right now he gives us an on-the-scene detailed interview!

"Hello everyone, I am a Korean actor, Jang Geun Suk. I hope to hear many comments from you!" Jang Geun Suk spoke in fluent Japanese to address everyone. He is truly amazing! (<--loose translation) Moreover, he is thinner than I imagined! Please look forward to the following...! He is tall, with long hair and a distinct low voice.

: Why did you come to Japan this time?
Jang: With this Asia Tour underway, I am happy to follow up China, Singapore, Taiwan with a visit to Japan. In Japan I hope to advance my acting activities, but this time it will be through a concert. At this Asia Tour I hope to present to everyone a new kind of FM. (I think that means fan meeting?)

Reporter: How was the response in China, Singapore, and Taiwan?
Jang: It was flattering, very good, very interesting! (laughs) I had never been to these countries, or see that many FM staff, so it made me feel a great sense of responsibility. In addition I got to meet the local fans face to face, giving me a really cool experience.

Reporter: When you did "You're Beautiful" you became a popular topic. How do you see it?
Jang: Truthfully, in regards to this popularity it hasn't really made an effect on me. I'm still the same as before,
all I want is to act well in the roles I get, which is something I always thought that from an actor's perspective is very important. Everyone has shown a lot of a care to me, and I am very thankful for it. From now on I will continue working hard as one of Korea's young actors.

Reporter: Through leading the drama "You're Beautiful" you have become a hot topic for every part of Japan and everyone knows about your works. We heard about your new project - can you tell us a little about it?
Jang: (Using Japanese) The next film is "You're my Pet." Everyone knows that this originated from a Japanese manga. I will start filming soon as the leading role. I lost weight for this role, because my character is a talented dancer, so I have been working very hard at practicing dance.

Reporter: I think from now on you want the challenge of a variety of roles. Do you have any goals or a particular role you want to play?
Jang: In "You're Beautiful" I was able to bring out more character while in "You're my Pet" I had to act as cute as a house pet but could also show off another side of 'pain and suffering'. So I hope everyone will like my performance. From now on I hope to be able to act skillfully in any role.

Reporter: We're looking forward to your future performances. What do you plan to tell your Japanese fans?
Jang: I am very happy with the warm welcome my Japanese fans gave me. This time at the Asia Tour I wanted to get to Japan as quickly as possible. Also, everyone brought in a new experience for this FM, so it made me very happy to come to Japan like this. I definitely will give everyone who comes an excellent performance.

Reporter: So far there are plenty of challenges with this big role, and you can act in a role that matches your image. What have you benefited from this?
Jang: In my opinion, acting in "You're Beautiful" gave me the biggest reward in that it allowed me to express inner emotions, and it frequently gave me a chance to express the darker side of myself for a while. However in "You're Beautiful" I was also able to perform in a lively manner. In addition, as the leader of ANJELL I would take care of my group mates beside me, because I would feel the sense of responsibility as a senior taking care of my juniors. That was a completely new experience for me. I can now use these experiences to improve my leading abilities.

Reporter: You have already read the original work of "You're my Pet" and watched the Japanese drama version - what are your impressions on it? Are there any particular difficulties in portraying the role of a talented dancer?
Jang: I heard that the lead guy Jun Matsumoto is the same age as me. In order to learn a little and borrow from his acting talents I would look at a couple of his other works. I've seen two of MatsuJun's other dramas - "Hana Yori Dango" and "You're My Pet." At that time, I truly admired MatsuJun's acting abilities. In addition, based on his performances he plays his roles so perfectly that it seamlessly blends in with the drama. In regards to the original manga, although the production company gave it to me to study, I already saw the drama, and since this is a Korean film remake, therefore I didn't read the manga. (Note: he said in last year's FM in Japan on a video that he didn't like mangas, too childish, so it justifies his answer! haha!)

We followed the basis of the original works, but on top of that we wanted to produce something that would suit Korean tastes and give them a new Korean movie. In addition, performing the role of a gifted dancer made me lose a lot of weight, and aside from not being able to eat spicy cabbage pot (maybe he means kimchi? or some spicy stew?), there are no other difficulties. (laughs). Of course, the pressure is on, and the feeling of failing is stronger than feeling happy (<--not too sure if that's right). From Monday to Friday I can only concentrate on dancing, but I can't just live on dancing alone. (I think he means he can't just depend on it). (Also because of this Asia Tour) I don't know if I should celebrate its success or its misfortune. (laughs).

: The set up in "You're My Pet" has you living with an older woman. In your own words what do you think about living with an older woman?
Jang: This question is interesting. (laughs) I've never thought of this problem before. First of all, Korea doesn't have a culture where people live together like that. Of course, recently with younger generations it's gradually changed. By taking part in this film, I've thought a lot about the issue and I think it's more meaningful.

If it's someone I truly like, and we would get married, then I'd live with that person; every day would feel like a happy adventure. It would really be a sweet life. I'm personally interested in cooking so if I can feed her breakfast every day then that would be the best.

Reporter: Thank you for your answers.

(reporter) The deepest impression he gave me, he's still so young but he is so mature/poised, and he has an overwhelming and distinct presence.
He truly is a unique individual! From now on he's going to become an even bigger star, a bright one that people can look forward to!
He isn't going to just represent Korea, but he can represent all of Asia's actors!

I am also amazed at his fluency in Japanese. Because he spoke it so naturally, that I didn't even realize (he was Korean), he spoke it that well!


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