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Shiro's Fan Account @ HK (Part.2)

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Today is sooooo wonderful. :wub:

We woke up late actually. Planned to wake up at 6, but woke up at 8 instead... *grins* Luna still wanted to go shopping, so she went shopping while I was browsing the internet. Came back like 15 minutes later saying the mall hasn't opened yet. So we got ready, and left the hotel at 11. She still wanted to get the bag, so we went to the mall again. Guess who we saw? No, not Sukkie... :lol: It's his parents! We had prepared gifts for them, so I ran to them. I greeted them in Korean (still using the baby language: annyonghaseyo... *grins*) and handed the gifts to his mom saying it's for you... thank you (ok, that's what happened when I'm nervous... I said the exact opposite thing... *grins*) His mom was like huh? who? Then his dad laughed and pointed to the card attached to the bag (luckily I wrote To: Keun Suk's parents in Korean). His mom and dad then bowed saying thank you, and I bowed back saying thank you... :lol: She wanted to open the bag, but Luna sealed it too tight with her special tape... hahahaha

Anyway, we were still giddy while making our way to the MTR station with our gifts for sukkie and Keun sama. Luna said to me "hey, remind me not to give this whole bag to them, ok? I got my change of clothes, etc in here too." Then we got info that many eels had started to queue already, so we hurried there. When we got there, it was like an ocean full of eels (okay, exaggeration, but you get what I meant...) But first, we had to get our tickets. We saw Heung Ro manning the ticket table, so we went there. While he was taking care of our tickets, we asked him to please give my champagne to Sukkie and Luna's gifts to Sukkie and Keun sama. Then we were shown to the queue line for the photo group... to the basement! It was so hot and airless and stuffy. Then I noticed Luna didn't have the bag with her! She was OMG-ing loudly then rushed back upstairs to ask the gift back from Heung Ro... *she was lucky we gave the gifts to Heung Ro who was stationed there. If we gave them to Keun Sama, Sukkie is going to get used female holey-shirt... :lol: )

Not many happened during our queue... just the loud scream when Magic Drag was played...

Then Sukkie appeared around 2-2 30 pm wearing oversized gray Tshirt and black pants. He looked mighty good! The first thing he did was to grab the mic and asked the crowd to please put their safety first. Then he started the signing. I think around halfway, he stood up and shouted "Dakchan" (got the pic for this... *winks*) and the fans went crazier... :lol: There was one time when a girl gave him a couple bracelet. She showed it to him, and he offered her his arm! So she put it on him (I think her hands must be shaking, because she failed over and over again, and Keun sama had to help her... :lol: ) Then he picked up the other one, and put it on her!! OMG, the luck of some people... *envious* Then there is also another time when he was talking to a girl, and she couldn't hear him... so he leaned to her and whispered in her ear. *more envy* And his parents proved that they raised him right. An older woman stepped to the stage for his autograph. He stood up to shook her hand with both hands and bow to her saying thank you.

The fansigning took so long because some fans asked for hugs and wouldn't take no for an answer that Keun sama and the security had to ask them to go down the stage. And the MC almost gave us a heart attack when she said because the signing took so long, they're going to omit the photo session (or so we heard... our cantonese and chinese are very very unreliable... :P). Sukkie grabbed the mic again and said to the eels that he would come back to Hong Kong and this was not the last chance. And that he would show his all tonight. But luckily, they still did it as planned.

When it was almost our turn, the staff were calling out how many people on the stage already. When they shouted 43, I stayed back to the side, but Luna went ahead to the stage. And got the position at the very edge... >.<>.<

After the photo session, I met with the Korean eel to get my ticket from her. And when she saw that Luna was with me, she pulled out all her tickets and showed another ticket next to me, asking her if she wants to buy it! She snapped in quicker than I could blink... :lol:

Anyway, that's the fan signing event. It lasted until around 4 30? And he went down to HITEC for rehearsal afterwards...

Pics, later... *grin* (tofu, be prepared to eat your words... :lol: my arms can testify how long and hard they worked to uphold that big camera... :P)

Credit : shiro / shiro401 @ soompi

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