Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Shiro's Fan Account @ HK (At Incheon Airport)

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I was so sad when I didn't get to see him at Hong Kong airport. I waited until the very last minute (5 minutes before my gate was closed, so I had to run all the way to my gate... T.T) And I could only hope to see him when he arrived in Incheon (which means either wishing my flight would speed up or Cathay Pacific to be delayed... kekeke) So it was a gloomy way to Seoul. Buuuut... turned out my flight indeed arrived 15 minutes earlier than expected. And then my hope plummeted when the captain announced that the parking gate was occupied so we had to wait until they find us another one. When I touched the ground again, it was to speed-walk toward the immigration and baggage claim. Then I ran all the way to the other arrival hall (mine was B hall and his was D hall)... Soooo relieved when I saw the crowd was still there, waiting for him... Just after I stationed myself behind the Korean eels, the door slid open and I saw him he was walking around there! All my fatigue instantly went poof, and I can feel a grin splitting my face... hahaha

He came out around 10-15 minutes later, with only Keun sama by his side. And it was amazing how comfortable he was in Korea. While in overseas he always looked somewhat guarded, but it was so clear that he's home here. He joked with the Korean eels who were taking his picture by bowing his body low to hide behind Keun sama, and when the eels shouted, he laughed and straightened up again. Then we walked behind him to the exit. He held this big blue whistle and kept blowing it, like we're in some kind of a marching band... :lol: When we reached his van, he went in and then he talked with the mic from inside. The eels cheered (don't ask me what he was talking about... :P). The only thing I understand is ohtokajo... :lol: Then he started singing (again, don't ask me what song he sang... :lol: ), and the eels started singing with him. Afterward, he went out of the van and changed car. The sunroof opened, and one hand, then two hands appeared, waving goodbye while the car drove away.

On the bus, during my lonely ride to the city, I could feel the people kept glancing at me... :lol: they must be wondering what had happened to put such a wide smile on this crazy girl's face for the whole 45-minutes ride... :P :lol:

Credit : shiro / shiro401 @ soompi

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  1. Betapa beruntungnya onnie.. XD

  2. Kekeke..Shiro..aku selalu senyum2 sendiri kalo baca Fan account kamu..Lucky girl ^~^