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Sukkie = Cewek???

Jang Geunsuk was Mistaken for a Girl
19 Juni 2010

Actor Jang Geunsuk was spotted at a fansigning event via KBS 2TV Star Entertainment Weekly, where a reporter asked him for his thoughts regarding comments labeling him as a ‘pretty boy'.

In response, Jang Geunsuk stated that he felt “amazed,” asking if people thought that it was “easy for guys to get comments like that.” He also admitted to a rather embarrassing fact, stating, “I have encountered many incidents where men had thought that I was a female and turned around to look at me […] [After seeing] that I’m a guy, they would go, ‘heok,’ revealing that [I had] been mistaken for a female.

One gets the feeling that with the actor’s recent long and wavy hairstyle, Jang Geunsuk blames part of this unwanted attention to his silky locks. And it’s no surprise that both men and women alike would try to check out this guy – with a beautiful face and wavy hair streaking down to his shoulders, Jang Geunsuk truly is a looker!

Source: MTStarNews
Translation: Yunihiko@keunseokholic
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