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[Fan Account] At Japan

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"Just a brief account. I got information about his arrival time late last night and was anticipating this all night and day. I got to Haneda around 4:45pmish and waited for him. Strike up conversation with some fans and got their numbers and going to meet up with them tomorrow. I love meeting random fans. They're sooo awesome. As I was waiting by the door, like Hannah said, I saw HYS (ChunRu : HYS = Han Ye Seul). I looked at her and I was like, she's sooo familiar. by the time I realized who she was, she was already out the door and I didn't give chase. Two ladies that went out with her said it was her.

They told us to go wait outside for sukkie. So we did. It was totally unfair because some people were inside. Anyways we were waiting by the curb and they said Sukkie would come by. So we waited and when he came out, there was this bus parking right there, so we didn't see him walk out of the airport. He came around the bus looking sooooooo cute with his apple hair, smiling and waving to the fan. Keunsama was by his side, but I had all eyes on sukkie. Only saw keunsama when I watched my vid. hehehe. Sukkie walked by me and I shouted hi cri~but he was looking back. He walked past us and to his car. I ran to the front where his car was, but across the road and took some pixs and a video. He was sooo cute. He rolled down his window and waved to the fans. He's smiling was just the cutest. Hehehe, the video is kinda bad but I got him waving and smiling and saying something in Japanese before everything went bleh because I shouted to him. When the car was pulling away, he was still waving to us so I shouted, "Bye bye see you tomorrow." and then, "Jang Keun Suk, see you tomorrow" and he looked at me!!! I was waving to him like crazy. hehehehe.

The end. "


Credit : wildwind16 @ YT

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