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Jang Keun Suk Message (20-06-2010)

Message # 1

Title : Uh~(beep)tteokhajyo

Open my eyes in the morning (Kim Byeong Geon expression)

Eating wanton
Four mins before departure ...........

korea... go

[dakchanhara means shut up and praise me]

How can I do " What should I do" ?

Song is draining peoples energy.........

Credit: bunny


Message # 2

Title: What should I do

Leaving for Korean in one and a half hour…

right now I haven’t even taken my bath..

The magical song “Ottohkajo” that really makes me panic… What should I do now?

That was HK special program…

I’m not gonna sing “Ottohkajo” anymore kekeke

HK BYE cri

Credit : daily_tofu @ soompi


Message # 3

Title: Arrived in Korea

This morning in HK, I opened the laptop once I woke up.

There won’t be any more “Ottohkajo” live performance

That was my gift for the HK fans kekeke

Ah… what should I do?

I have to sing this in Tokyo…

Ah I don’t care! Just see Sexy Back then! kekeke

Credit : daily_tofu @ soompi


Ada juga video yang di-share ama daily_tofu.. Klik di sini..

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