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SS B'day Project

Selain project ultah EELS INDONESIA di FB, masih ada b'day project lain dari SS..
Berikut ketentuannya :
(Project ini terbuka untuk umum.. Siapa aja boleh ikutan ^^)

Untuk melihat project SS sebelumnya, scrapbook dan photo album


SeOUL Sister Korin dropped this on my mailbox days ago. This is SeOUL Sister's community project for Jang Keun Suk's birthday. If you want to participate feel free to visit SeOUL Sister's facebook account or contact Korin at this address Fighting!!!

CD Guidelines

1. the song/message has to be at least 30 seconds long
2. it has to relate to either him or his birthday in some way **like a birthday song, or a song that he sang before,
3. when finished recording you need to upload it somewhere like or
4. email me the download link for your song, what the song is, and your SS chatbox username

Also, if you're recording a song with an instrumental, upload your singing and the instrumental separately. when recording try to not record the background noise with your singing if you can ^^

DVD Guidelines

1. record a message for sukkie ^^ either a greeting type message or a message to introduce your country **kinda like in the scrapbook.
2. make a fanvideo for him either using one of his songs, or using clips of him or from dramas/movies he's been in.
3. upload your video to or
4. email me the link for your video with the information on it and your SS username in the chatbox

Cover Art

For this, anyone is welcome to make a cover design for the cd and dvd case. It can be whatever you want as long as it relates to him or his birthday in some way. If you make one on the computer you can email it to me, and if you make one by hand you can mail it to me as long as it gets here before july 21st.

The DUE DATE for everything is July 21st.

There are no exceptions, anything submitted or received after that date will not be used. I'm sorry, but this is because it takes at least 2 weeks for something to be mailed from here to Korea, and July 21st is exactly 2 weeks before his birthday. I'd like the project to not be late ^^;
that's all i have so far, if anyone has any other ideas or some suggestions on these ideas feel free to discuss it with me.

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