Senin, 19 Juli 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (15-07-2010)

Title : CRI AH ~ !!!

Today, I had a re-run on YAB's DVD....
My feeling was....
Actors are still the brightest shiny ones, when filming, and in their film products.
(But I am not just saying myself.. but the whole group of AN.Jell is shining and BRIGHT!)
At that time, when Jang Keun Suk is much looking forward and excited about latest new pc of work!!
Make a guess, whats Suk's BRIGHTEST piece of work & product nowww?
kekekekekeke ~
Curious not?
This star here, is going to shine brightly in this end product (;

His replies to eels :

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:44:58]
I also want to watch ah!!! (Some eels told him, wanna watch You're My Pet's DVD, so he replied this)

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:45:52]
Ah, I turned on the air-con, its so cold.. ㅠㅠ ayeeee~

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:46:43]
jagermeister & red bull,use bacchusd,go go!!he talking about liquor mixing again -.-)

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:47:29]
이 남이맘!! me too!!(이남이맘 is one of the eels' ID,she told him, 'Keun-Suk ah, i love you!')

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:48:02]
ah, so it is 이난이맘 ah?(Suk typed the wrong ID previously, this is the correct one.)

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:49:04]
aiyaaa, so its 이난이맛。。。keke, whats Noona doing now?? (this Noona said, its ok that he typed wrongly, dont mind being 이난이맛 for him..)

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:51:25]
wooohaaaa, i wanna go sleep now! byebye!

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:52:25]
HAHAHAHA, I am not going now (; woohahahaha ~

psycho_j [2010-07-15 오전 6:56:09]
ah, dont care dont care, I am going to sleep now. BYE BYE ~!!

Translations : Clare
Credit: CRI-J Malaysia / BAIDU
Reposted from lovesears @ blogspot

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