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[Pics + Vids] ANJell FM's News

Japan highly popular drama series (You Are Beautiful) Male and Female Main Lead, JKS and PSH held drama activities. During the event, some re-enactment of the drama were shown.

On June 26, [You are Beautiful] presents its’ first fan meeting in Tokyo, Shibuya’s CC Lemon Home. The events were held separately in the morning and afternoon sessions with embodiment of the drama series charismatic band leader, Hwang Tae Kyung (JKS) and acted as twin’s brother, Go Min Nam (PSH).

Besides shooting the drama, JKS and PSH had been working in CF for several times. They live close to each other and often meet up which shows how close they are. In addition, fans’ favourite scenes were also aired.

Besides performing and reciting the lines from the drama, they answered many fans’ questions. Question like,” If you know people like Hwang Tae Kyung in your circle of friends, can you be friends with him?” were asked by fans to JKS.

He replied, “In terms of friends… Being friends with Jeremy, it will be very happy. If it’s with Min Nam, it’s like having a cute little sister or brother. But I think if it’s with Tae Kyung, it could be very tiring!” His words brought up the overall atmospheres!

The fans asked Park Shin Hye this question, “Is it appropriate for an actress to do the “Pig’s nose” action?” “I myself didn’t know whether doing such action is inappropriate or not for an actress, but at least it shows everyone that my nose is natural! (never done surgery)” drew everyone’s laughter.

Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Ki, who were absent for this event, also showed up in the video clips. Playing the role of Kang Shin Woo, JYH won the popularity of CN Blue and first time acting in a drama series, expressed his gratitude “I’m happy to be able to work with the two, also very thankful to them for teaching me so many things.” Playing the role of Jeremy, LHK, lead Singer of popular band FT Island said: “If in need of me to guest-starring, please do not hesitate, just go ahead! Next time we shall go Japan together!” Upon hearing this, JKS mention that “Actually I am in good relationship with Lee Hong Ki and Kim Hee-Chul from Super Junior. The three of us often meet up.” The drama setting’s band (A.NJELL)’s member, who sang song in the drama OST also increased the popularity.

The two of them sang A.NJELL’s song (Still) as the opening song, in the interview it is also revealed that they will perform individual’s solo.

PSH also shows that other than acting, she is good at dancing. And JKS performed drama’s OST (What Should I Do) as the song ends, he turned into Tae Kyung searching for Min Nam on stage. From the stage he ran down to hug Min Nam, as shown in the drama’s well-known scene. The scene immediately increase the whole atmosphere to the highest. Everyone was like as shown in the drama, they were moved and cheering. Lastly, it finished with the drama main theme song (Promise) with fans enthusiastic cheering. Thus, the two appears again performing (Still) in response to their enthusiastic cheering.

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