Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (26-07-2010)

Title: Tree J Moved!

A spacious parking lot More than 6 units can be parked by a car ~ ~ ~

The 1st floor with private and comfortable .. while the 2-floor is still on renovation and not yet completed so i will not reveal it first.. ha..ha..ha..

Cheers to TREE-J which rises by the comprehensive management company .

That Panic men he always damage things up..He broke my DVD player glass! And while he's moving the sofa, there are some scratches on the floor..

And there's me.

I Have not eaten any Jajungmyun .. my conscience has dropped half.


Ladies and gentlemen, ..

Moving staff want $%^#%^#~。 . . .

I will not refuse to accept some gifts! Oh! ! ! Ha ha ha

Private - Architectural Design's explanation: It is a unique personal decorating style space

Translated by Seo Jung In @ keunsukkie07
Reposted from lovesears @ blogspot

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