Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Jang Keun Suk Message (05-08-2010)

Title : A Thankful Heart!

Haha.. Keun suk here.

Firstly, since Tuesday onward, I have attended 3 party. and tomorrow also have another 2 birthday party waiting for me.
Actually I think that birthday is not really so important, honestly, not very important for me.
Friends, brothers, managers, colleagues, tutors..etc.. too many people, that's why have to celebrate so many time.

Around 2 whole weeks, I had no time to go online. Even yesterday, I have only some time to post a message, and had to go off.

Today, i have some time to spare,that's why looking here and there.. (i tink is e youtube, ofc)
suddenly, i have an idea. Am I a person who can accept soo many bday wishes?
So many eels , who are increasing in numbers, sent me the gifts.
Birthday Greetings from Radio station, and also birthday advertistments on Korean newspaper
Serious eels who made the handmade birthday video
All the websites are full of these 3 words "Jang Keun Suk"
And also those International eels, who sent birthday wishes to me.

because of Keun Suk, someone made a cake for him, and have organized a birthday party which dont have e birthday boy...
Actually, I see it! haha...

Hu... (relief)
Because of all these, every inch of my heart starts to fill up with warmth..
Actually, these past few months, I'm worried a lot, thinking this and that.
The idea that I used to be the person who would get lose myself, did I let a lot of people waiting for me?
Is my ambition too much?
Am I still an actor?

No matter what happens, if I dont continue firmly, I would still give myself a lot of worry and troubles.
And feel lonely and bored.

All of your greeting, really give me a lot lot of energy.....
Since my heart is filled with all of eels' energy, now is the time to start officially!

Although all of you will be able to understand Keun Suk through all the media platform, will have a new start quietly.

These periods of time, for those eels who always love to discuss Keun Suk's works, roles and etc...
Now I prepare to give you all a Big Gift!

Continue to trust me, wait for me, thank you so much.

And also, from today onwards, let's run together once again!!

I love you all!!!

(ChunRu : Yes!!! And we sure love you too, Keunsuk oppa!! ^^)

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  1. like ur msg start with hahaha.... :p anyway happy belated b-day!!!!

  2. when u coming to hollywood met ur fans... we waiting...