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Easy Magazine, July ed.

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Berita pertama ini, artikel di majalah "Easy" ^o^
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Perfect Pet
张根硕 Jang Keun Suk

Recently, Jang Geun Suk has been crazy busy. He went through Asia to meet his fans, maintaining his popular reputation as a "handsome boy." Following last year's You're Beautiful, Jang is now in the midst of shooting a new film "You're My Pet," which is likely to premiere later this year and highly anticipated. As he separates himself from the reputation the image of 'Hwang Tae Kyung', Jang Geun Suk's true colors are beginning to show and he becomes the adorable house pet that you cannot help but love.

Pet's Body

For the sake of filming "You're My Pet", Jang Geun Suk started early on to actively lose weight in preparation for the role. During an earlier period of time when he was recording an album with other, more senior singers, he already said, "I've already lost too much weight. Even if I want to sing, I can't, and in order to continue singing and maintain the quality of the recording I had to drink a lot of water. During the process of recording the album, Kim Hyun Chul (phonetically spelled) told me to rest and eat some noodles. I was about to die from the pain." During the filming of You're Beautiful, Jang Geun Suk lost weight because he wanted to best portray the kind of beautiful guy that shows off the collarbone. To change his body for the sake of a role, even if it means he suffers through his diet, shows great willpower and his passion for acting.

Pet's Style

Wearing his hair in soft curls, it feels like he has a gentle temperament of a handsome kid, but it's also embarrassingly funny because people mistake him for a girl. Jang Geun Suk said on a variety show during an interview that when he was walking on a street, he would turn around to see men following him, and they would be freaked out (after discovering that he's really a guy). Even his parent company thinks it's a novelty when they hear that people think Jang is pretty. Men don't usually hear this kind of talk, but he's been hearing it a lot recently. In response, Jang laments, "That's why they say hair is so important to a person..."

Pet's Modesty

Every where Jang goes, he is sure to get a lot of fans following him around; in June he went to Hong Kong for a fan meeting, and as soon as he arrived at the local airport he was welcomed by many fans. Because there were so many fans there, up to the point that people couldn't move, police had to show up to ensure the safety of everyone. With the police around, Jang was able to smoothly get into his car, and once inside, he rolled down the window to express his thanks to the fans and left the airport. Through meeting all of his fans throughout Asia, he said that although it may seem like a lie, he is extremely touched every single time. "I cannot always feel apologetic, so I hope we can always spend the time cheerfully together, and make beautiful memories."

Pet's Charm

During his activities in Japan, a Japanese newspaper stated in regards to Jang, "Jang Geun Suk has doe-like eyes and resembles SMAP's Kimura Takuya. He appears naive and romantic, but once you hear him speak he becomes more like a man." Afterwards, Jang showed his true self through the media and transformed into a cold person through his role as Hwang Tae Kyung. He says 'Hwang Tae Kyung' is his favorite role. "At that time I wanted to work opposite Hwang Jin Yi actress Ha Ji Won. Around me a lot of people were saying, 'Jang Geun Suk isn't right (for the part).' Because of that I felt a lot of stress. However I thought at that time if I don't start working hard now, I won't have a future, so now looking back I think it was a good decision. Now the concerns have turned into praise, but inside I still feel clean."

Pet's Aptness

Although Jang Geun Suk is an actor, his fan meetings resemble more like that of a small concert. Mr. Handsome himself says, "My fan meetings are not that ordinary. It's more like 'everyone's show'. I perform the songs on the spot, and sometimes dance." Folk singer Kim Hyun Chul said before, "Jang Geun Suk is more suited to being a singer than an actor." Jang has received favorable reviews towards his singing skills. Also, ever since middle school he's been studying Japanese, so he can do simple conversation; more recently he's been more proactive in learning Japanese. "Right now I'm studying with a teacher who was born in Osaka. Occasionally my teacher will switch to the colloquial dialect, which is kind of amusing. I'm thinking of whether or not I should try the Osaka dialect when I go to Japan."

Already there are a few fans who've seen Jang several times who would send letters to fashion editors, most of them saying, "Mr. Jang Geun Suk, I don't know if you remember me. For your film poster shoot, we met already and that day you filmed it went smoothly and ended quickly. Because we had nothing to say the group split up. However, even though we only saw you once, every time I saw your film afterwards, I felt as though I were seeing a younger brother from next door. I'd say (to others), although I didn't speak to you I had the impression that you were a responsible and ambitious person." He was someone who doesn't like to fall out of people's expectations, he himself likes constantly challenging to new things, has great desire, thus becoming someone people can look forward to in the future.

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