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Jang Keun Suk Message (26-07-2010) (2)

Title: Tree J Simple Opening Ceremony

Site Conditions..
Network Technician constructs and then Monday, its open! ! !

Screen +5.1 ch sound source system + PSone + HD player setup. .

After the pipeline construction the water pressure adjustment does not have the unusual condition!!!

But ...
I buy things on the network now has not received ..

some eels whose sincere already arrived safely!!

Beautiful wreaths and chicken soup ~ , rice cakes, humidifier! ! !

Thanks, I'll use it (but please save bullets ... In order to greet me on my birthday)

Moving the first day of the weekend just so anxious to invite the elders

Buy paper towels and pump box casual summer stone town and gold record cri
(sent in the housewarming party on the traditional toilet paper )

St.Bin came empty handed cri~

Language learning course examination over the application promptly ends of the male cri


but because needed to go to play Pentaport rock Festival (rock festival)

with "Dear John" and Kurt (big brother) ... .. Thank you thank A ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A Wu

Kim recorded the final picture is great. . Tap Du ~ ~

Photos of my camera is mine..

Bullet…pang! pang! ~cri~(Bullet means money)

psycho_j [2010-07-26 오후 10:24:43]
I'm here ~ (I would)

psycho_j [2010-07-26 오후 10:28:02]
I have gotten off my work

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