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Suk's Favourite Songs and Songs About Him

Credit : JKSBaidubar
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Pic credit : Keungall

Sorry about confusing translation hehe :P
I use google translation from chinese language

1. Ra.D -I'm in Love

2. Takako Matsu -
Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana (A Flower There's Only One Of In The World)

Far more than the songs of beatles (Artist unknown)

Epik high - m.u.s.i.c

5. Music space (Artist unknown)

6. Ren Chen Shi -
music is my life

7. TVXQ - Rising Sun

Gold model - a sad holiday

Crystal Boys - premonition

10. Gold Model - beautiful apart

bon jovi - all about lovin you

12. big brother - kanye west

13. big brother - the stephane wrembel trio

Ock Yin - can not say I love you

15. Clazziquai - sweety

16. Clazziquai - tell yourself-original mix

hot - candy candy

18. BOA - moon&sunrise

19. eric benet - still with you

20. muse-time is running out

21. craig david-all alone tonight

22. craig david-you don't miss your water

Our beautiful night, during the day than you

24. Into poetry Beijing - Jeju blue night

25. queen-i was born to love you

26. black eyed peas-the time (dirty bit

T-Square feat Shu Young Eun-more than lemonade (Ment tour video background music)

28. goldfrapp-number1 (Ment tour video background music)

29. Zhao Yan Jia right - we fell in love (Ment tour video background music)

30. eagles-save tonight (video background music)

31. James blunt - you are beautiful

maroon 5-wont go home without you (official website of the self-timer video background music)

33. kellie pickler-best days of your life (official website of the self-timer video background music)

34. MC Mong - ilove u oh thank you (self-timer video background music official website)

35. ito yuna-pureyes (the official self-video background music)

36. pink-so what (access to background music)

37. Damien rice-the blower's daughter (fan made video background music CY)

38. lou reed-perfect day (official website background music video self-timer)

39. the fray-over my head (I forget the source TT TT)

40. jonas brother-when you look me in the eye (ibid. TT TT)

41. miguel angel munoz-tu diras que estoy loco (official website of the self-timer video background music)

42. trouble-trouble is a friend (the official website self-video background music)

43. radiohead-creep (Asian tour, video background music)

44. snoop dogg-signs (Asian tour, video background music)

45. kanye west-flashing lights (I have amnesia TT TT)

46. Jason Mraz - i am yours (Asian tour, video background music)

47. Justin Timberlake - sexy back-(dance music FM)

48. wig in a box (performance track-drawing ceremony)

49. Sung si kyung - Touched By You (small 5 song in KTV)

50. pussycat dolls-sway (Thailand Beijing, to buy clothes male beauty is the background music)

51. Shayne ward-breathless (Thailand Beijing, is the background music before the pig chase)

52. sexy love (Heroine dance in the background)

53. miley cyrus-the climb (Thailand Beijing, memories of all the male beauty bar with background music)

54. emotions (Mary stayed in a background music in this estimation is not very good looking TT TT)

55. trax- Oh! My Goddess (Mary sleeping out in the episode)

56. jennifer lopez-brave (coffee CF)

mika-over my shoulder (fans made the video background music slide photos)

58. ke$ha-tik tok (Ment tour video background music)

59. free tempo-flowers (self-timer video background music official website)

mika-lollipop (official website of the self-timer video background music)

61. All By My Self (MMM- Music background)

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  1. boleh Q copas nih judul2.....???
    pengen cari Mp3 lagu2 yg belum punya.... ^^


  2. Sorry, boleh koreksi ya?
    yang no.2 lagunya SMAP tuh, bukan lagunya Takako Matsu :)) (kalau memang judulnya itu lho - sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana)

  3. anonim .. iya emank lagunya SMAP .. tpi yg d maksud ... lagu ini yg versi takako matsu nya ^_^

    Makasih yah dah mampir :)

  4. banyak jg yach lagu favorit sukkie ga hanya lagu2 korea aza tpi smua lagu dia suka...^^

  5. wah... ini menjawab pertanyaanku...
    kmrn2 pnasaran... dia dengerin apa sih kl lg pk headset gede itu... hihihi

    makasi yaaaa